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Monster Hunter Rise marked a new generation for both new and veteran players, and you got to experience a new adventure presenting a wide variety of monsters that threatened Kamura Village, such as Magnamalo, Ibushi, or Narwa. After you successfully achieved to save your home and friends, it was only a matter of time until things got worse.

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Monster Hunter Rise further improves the hunting experience with its latest expansion, Sunbreak, presenting a cast of both new and returning monsters, new mechanics, weapons, and challenges. To successfully help the people of Elgado to overcome a calamity and rebuild their kingdom, you must take your abilities to the next level as you face the Three Lords in battle, while also trying to solve the mystery surrounding Malzeno and the Qurio.

In Santi Leguiza's review of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, he said: “You’ll find the classic feeling that hunting brings every time, and every monster represents a thrilling challenge in what it is Monster Hunter at its finest".

General Mechanics, Tips, And Tricks

To properly understand the many systems involved in your progression as a Hunter, you must learn various mechanics, and we have a fair amount of tips and tricks that will make your life easier.


Tips And Tricks

Quests, Events, And Exploration

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Village quests focused on a story experience with Low-Rank monsters, while the Hub ones focused on multiplayer and High-Rank story missions. Sunbreak ditches that separation and brings everything together in Elgado, a place that serves as a hub for everything we need to do. Here are the Quests and Events you can play, and the exploration required for them.


Rise Quests

Sunbreak Quests

Rise Event Quests

Weapons, Armor Sets, And Skill Tips

Your main tools to defeat those massive enemies, here you will find the best way to prepare yourself when the time comes to face your foes in battle. From weapons and armor pieces to the best combinations you can find, we got your back with these guides.


Armor Sets And Builds


MHR Divider #1Monster Weaknesses And Fighting Tips

In a game where defeating monsters is your primary target, you will want to know as much as you can about these massively strong foes. From strengths and weaknesses to learning their movements and which pieces of equipment work best, here is where you will be able to get properly ready if you want to become the best hunter.



Collectibles, Materials, And Miscellaneous Items

As you progress through this game, you will notice the massive amount of monster materials, craftable items, and even collectibles that this game has in store. Fortunately, we will help you to find everything you need in this section.




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