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Welcome to the ancient region of Hisui! Pokemon Legends: Arceus will take you on a mysterious adventure to times past, to aid the people of Jubilife Village in their crisis against the frenzied Noble Pokemon and uncover the mysteries surrounding the time-space distortions appearing across the region.

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Your journey will show you many wonders and challenges, and since there's so much to learn about the Hisui region, its pokemon, and the people in it, we figured you could use a place that encompasses all the knowledge you will need as you explore this new old world.

Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Arceus Divider 4Beginner Tips, How-Tos, and Game Mechanics

Before you make your first steps in the vast region of Hisui, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind to start with the right foot. These will cover tips, how-tos, and any game mechanic that you may need to learn.

Beginner Tips


Game Mechanics

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Walkthroughs And Jubilife Village Requests

In the region of Hisui you will face numerous challenges and adventures, whether they involve completing requests, fighting enemies, or finding all the forms of a specific pokemon. Here you'll find the many walkthrough guides that will aid you in your journey through Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


Jubilife Village Requests

Items And Crafting Materials


Rare, Legendary, And Mythical Pokemon

Like any other Pokemon game, the region of Hisui has several rare, legendary, and mythical pokemon for you to capture, sometimes presented as challenging endeavors for both rookie and experienced trainers. Here's a list of guides that will help you to add these powerful companions to your party.

Legendaries and Mythicals

Hard-To-Obtain Pokemon

Where To Find Every Pokemon

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Features And Opinion Pieces

Our team at TheGamer is full of Pokemon lovers, so here you can read our many thoughts and features on Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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