Street Fighter 6 is currently in the hands of excited fans thanks to the game's limited time closed beta test and fans are being asked to create their avatar to run around the hub world with. Unfortunately, Street Fighter 6 has an in-depth character creator, so fans are doing what they do best and creating nightmare creatures that are now plaguing social media.

Most people out there who have dedicated themselves to having a mutant of an avatar have opted to give them a strange face or massive noggins, typical character creator shenanigans that you see in games with similar character creators like the Dark Souls series or the recently released Saints Row. However, Street Fighter 6's character creator differs slightly in that you can change the size of pretty much any limb.

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First up, we have Twitter user @JohnnyUtahNG's creation (thanks Kotaku), who has given their avatar incredibly thick calves, puny legs, an hourglass figure, ang huge abs. To top it all off, they've covered their character in body hair and made it green. All of this combined with his glistening body make him look like you've dragged up a failed science experiment from the bottom of the ocean.

Other horrible creations include @tyakabou's avatar who has been given an absolutely puny body but massive arms, and Jiyuna's creations that has huge thighs and a very phallic body. In fact, it looks like @tyakabou actually managed to find Jiyuna's avatar in the hub world, resulting in possibly the worst meetup Street Fighter has ever seen.

If you're one of the many unlucky fans that have been left out of the closed beta, you'll unfortunately need to wait until 2023 before the game actually releases. We don't have a specific release date just yet, but the game will launch next year for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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