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The latest wearer of the sci-fi shooter Spartan suit, Halo Infinite has made quite the name for itself with its fast, fun, and free-to-play online multiplayer. Its campaign, released later as paid content, involved a well-written and interesting story that took the series in new directions and set up a solid foundation for the franchise going forward. What sets Infinite apart from its predecessors is that it's set in a completely open world.

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Upon starting the Campaign proper, you were presented with huge landscapes and hills rolling out before you. This lush and life-filled biome is broken up by towering Forerunner architecture to explore, FOBs to capture, suit upgrades to find, and Banished goons to kill. With the ever-present mystery of Zeta Halo to uncover and a heartbreaking story to follow, Halo: Infinite was not pulling any punches when it came blasting back to our screens.

There's a lot that's been going on with the game since launch and we've covered a lot as it goes on and more updates and changes continue to appear in the game going forward. So whether you're new to Halo or an old hand, here's the latest on Halo Infinite.

Campaign Guides

The biggest thing that sets Halo Infinite apart from its predecessors is its open-world map. It's utterly gigantic and it can take a long while to walk from one side to the other and in between all those vast open spaces and sharp erratic cliff faces are plenty of interesting things to see, upgrades to grab, and Bosses to blast apart.

It can be a little overwhelming at first, especially for new players. When Chief first touches down on the ring and you get let loose in the vast open sandbox, the huge playground pouring out in front of you and the possibilities therein can put you off exploring too much at first as it's a lot of ground to cover. Plus, not getting lost or wandering into an area you probably shouldn't yet is easily done. Try making things easier on yourself with these handy guides on Halo Infinite's open world:

Campaign Story


Boss Battles


One of the biggest selling points of Halo Infinite is the online multiplayer, not only is it bursting with classic Halo multiplayer nostalgia, but it's also free. So even if your gaming budget is low, there's still a way for you to jump into matches with your mates, which was honestly a great move by 343.

There's a lot to cover in the multiplayer and for Halo rookies, those first couple of matches can be pretty brutal, especially since you're often playing against people that have been causing havoc in the game since Combat Evolved. But, there is a way to get a leg up on the competition by using some helpful guides for maps, modes, and more to turn you into an unstoppable multiplayer murdering machine.




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Weapons And Equipment

If there’s one thing the Halo series does right it's the future tech. The guns are well designed and satisfying to use, especially the kerchunk of the big launchers. The vehicles, designs of the levels, architecture, and creatures are both creative and genuinely jaw-dropping and you can easily get distracted just admiring the amount of time that's gone into the design since the appearance of "Craig".

The sheer volume of firepower variety at your disposal and the way you make your way across the huge map with them is what's made this game memorable for so many as everyone has their own particular explosion-filled adventure across the looming landscape of Zeta Halo. So with all that creative carnage in mind, here’s everything to know about the best weapons and equipment in Halo Infinite.




The Lore of Halo is deeply, deeply dense. It's an iceberg that's fascinating to watch on the outside and once you start to dig into it either through the books, Terminals, or that weird Waypoint system Halo used for a while, there's a rich and at times deeply tragic history to uncover.

There are also some great characters that never appeared in the games but impacted the story as a whole and the timeline is so staggeringly huge that it involves events that take place across millennia. All of this you can easily pick through to absolute oblivion as everything has been covered to an almost encyclopedic degree. If you find the lore of the Halo series interesting or are new and would like to know more, then check out these:

Reviews And Opinion Pieces

There's a lot to unpack both mentally and emotionally in Halo Infinite. Its story serves up a lot of turns and emotional gut-punches that make you want to just keep pushing through to see how deep the rabbit hole of a story really goes.

From the sandbox of the single-player serving up many Watercooler moments to discussions about the best gadgets, development around the game, and unique perspectives on the difficulty, Halo Infinite provides a lot of talking points.

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