Fort Solis is an upcoming third-person sci-fi thriller starring Troy baker, Roger Clark, and Julia Brown. Set on Mars, the game takes place over the course of a single night on the Red Planet. An explainer video has come out, as has a teaser featuring Troy baker's character in the game, Wyatt Taylor.

In an interview with IGN, James Tinsdale, head of developer Fallen Leaf explains the game is inspired by cerebral sci-fi Moon, Quantic Dream games, and lonely horror Dead Space.

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Protagonist Jack Leary, played by Roger Clarke, responds to a distress call at the Fort Solis mining operation on Mars and investigates. He's got a companion to talk to, Jessica, played by Julia Brown - she'll be playable in the latter parts of the game.

The game will play out in one unbroken shot, similarly to God of War. You'll explore nine different parts of the station, all with various sub-levels, as well as be able to walk and drive across the Red Planet.

There will also be choices throughout the game that will impact the characters deeply and alter the ending of the game, of which there are several. these are apparently going to be dramatically different, and not just minor variations of each other.

We still don't know exactly what's going on at Fort Solis, but it's hinted at that scientist Helen Dunpart's botany experiments might be causing some issues at the mining complex.

In the short clip (via ResetEra), an exhausted-looking Taylor says, "the situation regarding site exposure is a growing concern." He proceeds to mention he's called for increased safety measures several times already, but one team member fell ill anyway.

What exactly the person got exposed to, we still don't know. The game is a thriller, after all, so there's bound to be some unanswered questions right up until the point we finish the game.

Things don't seem good for the team member who had to be sedated and started vomiting blood. Taylor's prognosis is dire. He recommends DPTA, a medicine usually used to aid with radiation poisoning.

He ends the video log by whispering, "something is going on here. And I need to find out what it is."

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