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Ambrose Island was added to Hitman 3 post-launch, bringing a whole new map and mission for the iconic Agent 47 to tackle. Set in the Andaman Sea, the map is a remote island that serves as a hub for modern-day pirates.

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The island is controlled by one of your targets, Akka, who is working with Noel Crest - a member of the militia, allied with 47, who's gone rogue - to steal a satellite from a passing tanker. This theft must be prevented, which is where 47 comes in. If you're looking to complete the Ambrose Island Shadows in the Water mission with a Silent Assassin, Suit Only rating, this guide will have everything you need to know.

What To Bring

You'll need a lockpick, a lethal poison vial, and then another lethal poison vial smuggled in. If you can't yet smuggle items in, there's no need to worry - you can acquire one lethal poison vial in the level.

While it would be possible to forgo the lockpick in favour of a second poison vial and use a crowbar from within the level instead, the door we'll be opening is near a guard, so the crowbar would make too much noise. The gun and outfit you bring don't matter, though as always, a Krugermeier is a solid default pick due to its quietness, making for easy distraction shots if needed.

Setting Up The Kills

Once you spawn in, immediately walk straight ahead to the big tree, where you can pick up your second poison vial if you used the pickup. From there, continue in the direction you were going to reach the main bar area, where you'll set up the first of your kills.

Go up the stairs to the left of the bar building, then walk around the balcony to the south side of the upstairs room. You'll find a locked door, with a guard next to it. Pay attention to the movement of the guard's head, and once he looks away from the door, pick it and step inside, closing the door behind you.

Once inside, make your way over to the glasses of whisky, and using your poison vial, poison only the glass on the right, as this is the one Crest will drink from. You won't need to worry about his body ever being found, as poisonings count as accident kills, and bodies resulting from accidents don't harm a silent assassin rating.

Leave the room the way you came in and head back down the stairs. Leave the bar area via the north path and then head to the right along the beach towards the bridge. Run to the bridge, and on the left-hand side, you'll find a vine you can use to climb to the top.

From the top of the bridge, head off in the direction of the jungle and immediately take a right. Following this path (ignoring the stairs you pass) should lead you to an emetic flower, which you'll need if you only brought one lethal poison vial to Ambrose Island. If you brought two, you can skip to the next paragraph.

Returning to the stairs you passed, or just heading straight on from the bridge, will bring you to a small campsite area where a student is working on his biochemistry thesis. You can give him an emetic flower and he'll turn it into lethal poison for you. You'll also want to grab the knife that's pinning a note to the nearby tree. The knife is an illegal item, but don't worry - no one will see you pick it up.

Going back to the bar the way you came, go back up the stairs you went up previously. This time, though, instead of going left along the front of the building, turn right, where you can vault the pictured railing and get onto the neighbouring roof. Go the right and climb onto the veranda of the pirate building, in front of a generator and storage chest.

Climb through the window, behind two guards having a conversation, and move around to the left towards the door, where you'll be covered. Grab the crowbar that sits here, as you'll need it shortly. Open the door and run straight across to the bushes on the other side of the path.

From the bushes, shoot out the two cameras overhead on the pole.

Being spotted by cameras does not necessarily ruin Silent Assassin, but since you're trespassing, being seen by these ones is the same as being seen by a guard.

Then run up to the back of the building you're facing. Using your crowbar, pry open the boarded-up window and climb inside.

Head over to the other door, where you're going to need to incapacitate a guard. Another nearby guard can sometimes be facing the one you're going to take out, so use your instinct vision to be sure he won't see you before you strike.

Similarly, Akka will walk through here on her default route, so make sure she's not around either.

Once you're sure the coast is clear, pacify the guard, drag him inside, and store his body in the chest.

Again taking care to ensure Akka and the patrolling guard won't spot you, run over to the stairs opposite the door and up to Akka's office (use instinct to confirm Akka is nowhere near her office so you don't get a nasty surprise upon entering). Using your second vial, poison Akka's whisky, just on the right of the door.

Triggering The Meeting

With that, your kills are set up and all that's left to do is put things into motion. Leave Akka's office the way you came in, once again being mindful of the patrolling guard by the containers. Opposite those containers is a radio tower - head over to it and climb to the top. You'll want to do this quickly, as it's ideal to have Akka go to the meeting before she makes it back to her office and drinks her whisky.

At the top is a guard, who you can pacify by throwing your crowbar at him. It's fine to leave his body up here - nobody else comes up here, so he won't be found. With him taken care of, press the button to light the tower up, which will trigger the meeting between Akka and Crest.

What happens next is that Akka and Crest go and meet up in the room where you poisoned Crest's whisky. During the meeting, Crest will drink the poisoned glass and die. Akka will freak out and go into lockdown, but eventually return to her usual route, which will ultimately lead her to her office, where she will also drink whisky - dying in the same way.

Neither body being spotted matters, as, like mentioned above, poison counts as an accident kill. You won't be around to see any of this, however, as you'll be busy dealing with your final objective.

Disabling The Satellite

Descend the radio tower (remaining mindful of the container guard), go back through the prisoner room, and leave the pirate compound over the bridge. The two guards at the entrance look like they'll blow your cover, but by the time they see you, you won't be trespassing, and they're not capable of putting two and two together.

Climb down the vine you used earlier, and run to the opposite end of the beach, where you'll see a cave. This is where your final objective is. At some point during the following events, you'll be notified of the deaths of both Crest and Akka, but they won't affect anything related to the satellite, so you don't need to worry.

Go into the cave, then shoot out the camera on the ceiling. Wait for the guard to finish investigating the shot, then go right up to the crate behind him. Keep an eye on the guard who patrols up and down this area, and as he walks away, subdue the guard in front of you once the patroller reaches about halfway to the other end of the cavern - any closer and he'll hear you.

Immediately drag the unconscious guard to the storage chest, then jump in there with him, allowing the patrolling guard to return to the outer end of the cavern. Once he's there, hop out of the chest, sneak up behind him, subdue him, and stash his body as well.

With that taken care of, you're free to make your way into the main cavern. Head around the first set of boxes, and you'll spot a screwdriver resting on a crate. This is the last thing you'll need to sabotage the satellite, so pick it up.

There are several guards patrolling in here that you need to be wary of, but it's pretty easy to use cover to stay hidden and dodge their patrols.

With the screwdriver acquired, run over to the central platform and vault the fence to get up. You'll see a prompt to use your screwdriver to remove a grate on the back. Do so, and then use the knife you grabbed earlier to cut a wire. Doing this allows you to go around to the other side of the terminal and quietly disable the satellite, completing your third and final objective.

While you're here, you're able to destroy any security footage, restoring your Silent Assassin rating if you were spotted by any of the cameras in the bar area. From where you removed the grate, you can shoot the surveillance unit to destroy it - use your instinct vision to highlight it and make the shot clearer, if needed.

Vault back over the central platform's fence and leave the cave the way you came in. Depending on how quickly you dealt with the satellite, Akka may still be alive. If this is the case, don't worry - she'll be dead soon. While there is an exit in the satellite computer cavern, getting the keys is very difficult without disguises, so it's quicker to just leave via another exit - either the boat on the western beach you arrived at, or Lucas Grey's extraction point.

With that, you'll have completed Shadows in the Water with the coveted Silent Assassin, Suit Only rating. This will net you completion of all the corresponding challenges, as well as a few others for triggering the meeting, getting poison kills, and so on - a useful headstart in the mastery grind for that fantastic molotov cocktail.

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