Street Fighter 6 is in the middle of its first Closed Beta test and its players seem to be absolutely loving it so far. One element that seems to be (foot) rubbing some the wrong way, however, is the pretty blatant focus on Juri's feet.

Ever since Juri was first revealed to be one of the fighters on the starting roster, it's been made pretty clear that her feet have become a key part of her characterisation. Her gameplay trailer showed that a ton of her specials and intros really zoom in and focus on her feet, and they're presented in much more detail than they ever have been. God, I already feel weird writing this.

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It's even more blatant and upfront in the actual game, however. Juri's character select pose has one of her dogs just hanging right in front of the camera for all to see, and playing matches against her just shows how foot-focused she is. It seems that a fair number of Street Fighter players aren't enjoying this version of Juri, as most of the top posts about her on social media are complaining about her feet.

Just searching Juri's name on Twitter shows the general reaction to how she's being portrayed. Twitter user Krembeni posted a picture of Juri's select screen and said, "It's hard being a Juri fan who's not into feet", while GreshGang shared a similar sentiment, saying, "When I buy SF6 I’m modding my game to make Juri wear shoes". It's not just Twitter, either, as posts asking things like "Why did Capcom just turn Juri into foot fetish bait?" have also started popping up on the Street Fighter subreddit.

Of course, as with pretty much anything on the internet, there are those out there who are loving Juri's depiction in Street Fighter 6. We won't be showcasing any of those here because they're not exactly PG-13, but if you're reading this with shock and horror that anyone could be against Juri's grippers, there's probably a community for you out there.

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