New World is an MMO, which means there are parts that are inherently designed for multiplayer, like the Expeditions (Dungeons) that you'll come across as you play through the main storyline. However, New World is also a sandbox, and there are many elements that can be enjoyed as a solo player.

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You can hit a bit of a wall with the game, though. The high-level areas of Reekwater and Great Cleave, for example, are particularly challenging for a solo player. There are other parts of the game, too, that can be difficult. This list of tips is designed to help out those who are trying to tackle the game on their own.

4/4 Best Solo Builds In New World

We've covered virtually every type of build in the game in our New World complete guide, so we've got a pretty clear idea of some of the best builds for solo players. Here are some of the standout solo builds in New World.

  • Great Axe and Hatchet - Aim for a tanky build of a mix of heavy, medium, and light armor , aiming for an overall "Normal" weight. You're aiming for about a 3:1 split between Strength and Constitution for your attributes. The Hatchet will keep you alive, while the CC and damage of the Great Axe will let you solo many difficult enemies.
  • A Pure Tank build - War Hammer and Great Axe, or War Hammer and hatchet. The tankier the better. Any high-level zone becomes much easier if you can eat a hit. In very high-level areas, like Shattered Mountain, this won't make much of a difference. Enemies still hit hard. But for the slog between 50-60, a build like this is ideal. Go for pure Con and heavy armor.
  • Life Staff + any other weapon - This is a bit of a weird one. There's a tear in the community about whether leveling with a Life Staff is easy or hard, but if you're playing on your own, the sustainability of the Life Staff is invaluable. Go for a pure Focus build and then Amber gem your weapon (this might still be bugged at the time of writing.) Hatchet, Great Axe, any other melee weapon with CC or sustain works just fine.

Here are a few quick links to our build guides:

Want to always get a spot in an Expedition? Go for a Tank or Healer build. These are the most commonly requested archetypes in New World, and you're pretty much guaranteed to find a spot in a team, even without your own Tuning Orb.

3/4 The Quickest Ways To Level If You're Solo

Leveling is just hard if you're on your own. Taking on Elite missions, for example, isn't really possible. It's a good idea to start posting LFG or generally asking for help in your global chat.

If you don't want to bother with these quests, Town Board missions are still the best way to level up in New World.

  • Regularly check town board missions across the map. They are updated when a company pays to improve their stations.
  • Turning in regular crafted materials like crude Iron Armor or Starmetal Ingots is a much more reliable (and consistent) way to level up rather than struggling to complete difficult missions in the high-level areas.

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2/4 Jump In A Train

The trains have begun. Watch out in the chat for trains heading out to clear Elites or Portals. These are groups organized by a couple of players that usually stack up to 10-15 people per run. This is an easy way to get some gold, experience, and Azoth from completing corrupted portals. They require little communication and are decently fun.

  • Corrupted Portals are the easiest method to earn loads of Azoth . This can be used to fast travel around the map with ease, ideal for completing town board missions at multiple towns.

1/4 Join A Busy Company

Just because you're a solo player doesn't mean you have to do everything on your own. The PvP and group PvE are what make New World so enjoyable. Join a busy company and you'll often be asked to participate in open-world PvP, PvP missions, and to help on Elite runs once you hit max level.

Getting your company mates to help out with crafting is also useful. Regardless of how much you've played the game, the chances are that you've maxed out crafting and trade skills as much as the other 40 people in your company are pretty unlikely. They can help you craft items that you can't currently access.

  • Always ask if your company has a Discord. This is a good sign as to whether they play together regularly or not.
  • Check the activity of the company/how many territories they own. Joining the largest faction and company might make sense, but this makes it less likely that you'll get to be involved in any of the staged PvP or PvE , like Invasions or Wars.

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