New World has quite an extensive open world that you'll be trekking through, often at a slow pace. Death can be a headache when it means getting thrown 30 minutes back to the nearest town, so you should get into the habit of camping as soon as possible.

It's your one-stop shop for healing, crafting, and respawning, and it isn't all that expensive. However, there's more to it than initially meets the eye.

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You can upgrade your campsite, use other players', and even strategically farm enemies in the right spots should you learn to master the art of putting together a flimsy tent with some rocks and twigs.

How To Set Up A Campfire In New World

  1. Follow the main quest until you unlock the ability - this will take place at the first settlement. It's given to you by the Survivalist. They're important.
  2. Gather one flint and five green wood. You can chop down trees, look on the ground, or scour bushes.
  3. Press Y and you'll see a blueprint. Pick a spot and confirm.

There are three potential errors that you can encounter:

  • Building not within line of sight - something is obscuring it like a rocky slope.
  • Uneven terrain - you need to find flatter ground.
  • Building is obstructed - something in the environment is getting in the way whether it's a resource or structure.

You also cannot place a camp within a landmark.

When Should You Camp In New World?

Firstly, camping sets your spawn point.

When you die, you'll teleport back to your camp. This is handy because there are no mounts and fast travel costs currency. Getting about can be time-consuming.

Set camps before tough boss fights.

This should be something you start doing because bosses can often be twenty minutes from the nearest town. Not only will dying mean you have to try again, but you'll have to walk the whole way back. A camp saves you the effort. Think of it like Dark Souls' bonfires but you place them.

Do it regularly on long journeys

Camps have a range of 500 metres so you'll find that you can nicely zip back to one within a little zone but should you fall out of that area, you're back to square one - the town.

With that, you should make a note to regularly set up camp or use other players' camps. Death is far less of a punishment if you do so and all of the resources can be found with ease.

Camp before areas with tough mobs

You've no doubt ran into a pack of wolves with a skull instead of a level number - they'll smack you to the curb with ease. You're better off running through these zones as fast as possible to reach the next, often easier area. However, you can just as easily die on the way so you'd best set up a camp before attempting.

On top of that, you might be farming a few tougher mobs, in which case a camp will avert any unnecessary back-peddling should you die.

Camp if you need to heal

If there are no enemies about and it's quiet, there's no point wasting food or potions to get your HP back up. You can rest at a camp to fully replenish.

How To Upgrade Your Camp

You can upgrade your camp at five different intervals.

  1. Tier One - Level Five
  2. Tier Two - Level 15
  3. Tier Three - Level 25
  4. Tier Four - Level 40
  5. Tier Five - Level 55

When you reach these levels, speak to the Survivalist and you'll get a quest.

As seen pictured above, one of the rewards will be a camp upgrade.

From then on out, your camp will have a new visual, more crafting options, and higher-tier food.

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