New World is an MMO and, as is standard with the genre, it boasts plenty of gear to keep in check. You'll be cycling through equipment a lot in earlier levels. Later on, you'll find yourself with sets that are best for your class or build, and it's important to keep things in check or you'll be out of a weapon or find yourself an armour piece short - you don't want to run into battle half-naked flailing your fists about.

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Luckily, you can repair items on the fly, avoiding this dire outcome. It isn't too expensive but you shouldn't waste resources on early game gear as you'll more than likely replace it before it becomes a problem. It's also best to repair broken gear, not equipment that's on the edge or verging toward broken.

How To Repair Equipment In New World

  • Hold R and click on the gear you want to repair.
  • It will cost gold and repair parts.
  • Afterward, you will see the white bar beneath the equipment fill-up. That bar represents durability.
  • There is also a button underneath your health bar in the menu.
  • It says, "Repair all." Click that and it will automatically use your pool of repair parts and gold toward all of your gear, repairing everything.

You can also fix gear with a repair kit. These can be crafted at a workshop with repair parts.

Repair kits can repair higher quality gear but you need an engineering skill of 15 or higher.

How To Get Repair Parts In New World

To get repair parts, you need to salvage equipment.

Rather than selling it or tossing it aside, hold S and click on some gear.

This will give you some gold and repair parts that you can use to patch up your more important equipment.

How Does Durability Work In New World?

Armour takes damage to durability when you're attacked by enemies.

Weapons take damage to durability when they are used.

It's fairly self-explanatory but what New World also does is damage all of your equipment when you die.

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