Amazon's MMO, New World, is finally here. After multiple testing periods, players can now explore the land of Aeternum to engage in high-stakes PvP or endgame PvE Expeditions. Before you can delve into New World's endgame, you'll need to level your character.

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Reaching New World's level cap of 60 can be quite the hassle if you're completely new to this game. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to reach the endgame a little bit faster. We'll be going over ten tips on leveling in New World, ranging from your starting region to which skills you should use.

10/10 Start In First Light Or Windsward

New World features four starting regions: First Light, Windsward, Monarch's Bluffs, and Everfall. Upon creating a character, you'll randomly be placed in one of these starting locations. You should start questing in Windsward or First Light. First Light is a great zone since its quests naturally guide you towards Windsward, making early-game progression fairly smooth. If you prefer obtaining XP by gathering materials, Windsward is a better zone.

If you wish to change your starting zone, do not complete the second quest in a region. If you do, you'll be locked into that region's quest chain. Complete the starting "Sole Survivor" quest, then immediately head to either First Light or Windsward. It's a fairly long trek if you didn't spawn in either location, but this will minimize some early-game pain points with traveling and general progression.

9/10 Focus On Questing

Quests are your best source of XP while leveling. New World's main quest provides a copious amount of XP for each quest completion, albeit some of the quests are locked behind level requirements. If you hit such a wall, completing side quests, faction quests, and town board projects are a great way to gain a few levels. There will be times where questing won't be enough to level, which is when you'll want to start farming Expeditions or crafting (both explained later).

8/10 Read Lore Pages

Lore pages give XP in New World. Whenever you find a piece of parchment with a blue glow, that's a lore page you can read. Read any lore pages you come across to gain a small chunk of XP.

Pro Tip: Press "T" while near a page to automatically read it without opening a new UI tab.

7/10 Have A Bow Or Musket In Your Inventory

Quite a few of New World's quests involve killing a certain number of enemies in a zone. Since this is an MMO, you'll be competing against dozens of other players that are trying to complete the same quest objective, resulting in some of these quests taking far longer than others.

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However, if you can "tag" the enemy by dealing a notable chunk of damage to it—around 15-20%—you'll gain progress when it dies. Bows and Muskets are best at this, as they can damage targets from afar. Have one in your inventory for when you run into this problem. You can also quest with a group to somewhat avoid this problem, although the lack of quest sharing makes group leveling awkward.

6/10 Consider Toggling PvP

While in any settlement, you can press the "U" key to toggle open-world PvP on or off. While enabled, you'll gain a 10% experience increase for everything you do at the cost of potentially dying at the hands of an enemy player. So long as you frequently place camps while you're out harvesting resources or questing, death won't set you back very far. If you're especially low level and want a fighting chance against higher-level players, spec into Constitution to gain a massive health increase.

5/10 Take Advantage Of Rest XP

If you're never played an MMO before, Rest XP increases the rate at which you earn experience points. You gain Rest XP by logging off in a settlement. Be sure to log off in a town to accumulate Rest XP on your character, kickstarting the leveling process once you log back on.

4/10 Complete Faction Quests

Besides the main questline, faction quests are your best bet for leveling quickly in New World. Around level 10, you'll be able to join one of three factions: the Marauders, Covenant, or the Syndicate. All three factions will offer six faction quests at any time, evenly split between PvE and PvP objectives. These quests provide a massive chunk of XP when completed, further amplified by your available daily bonuses.

Every day, the first three factions quests you turn in will give twice as much XP. This bonus is shown on the top-left of the faction missions UI as "Daily Bonuses Available." Be sure you take full advantage of this bonus to get some easy XP. The quests themselves are rather straightforward, ranging from resource gathering to opening a chest in a certain region.

3/10 Craft

You'll reach certain levels in New World where you won't be able to level solely through questing. During these periods, one of the best things you can do is craft items. Make potions, weapons, harvesting materials, stone blocks, anything that you have the resources to make. This will enhance your harvesting skills, crafting skills, and give you a surprising amount of XP as well.

2/10 Farm Expeditions

Expeditions are New World's take on dungeons, five-player missions that throw dozens of enemies your way. These missions each require an Orb type to access, but they grant excellent gear and quite a bit of XP. If you want to level your weapons quickly, Expeditions are arguably the best way of doing so outside of PvP. Unfortunately, there isn't any matchmaking for Expeditions as of launch, so you'll need to use global chat or a third-party app to get a group together.

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There are six Expeditions in New World currently:

Expedition Location Level Recommended
Amrine Excavation Windsward 25
Starstone Barrows Everfall 35
The Depths Restless Shore 45
Dynasty Shipyard Ebonscale Reach 55
Garden of Genesis Edengrove 60
Lazarus Instrumentality Reekwater 60

Amrine Excavation, the earliest Expedition you can farm, is also one of the easiest. Check out our Amrine Excavation guide for tips and tricks on making this Expedition as easy as possible.

1/10 Use A Movement Skill

Since you can't rely on sprinting or mounts in New World, your main sources of traversal are fast travel and walking. Unfortunately, fast traveling costs Azoth, meaning you're going to be doing a lot of walking for the early game.

That's why we recommend you get a movement skill as soon as possible. Some weapon skills in New World enhance movement speed or lunge your character forward when used, allowing you to traverse the land of Aeternum a little bit faster. Some good options include:

  • Berserk (Hatchet): With the "On the Hunt" passive allocated, you'll run 20% faster while Berserk is active.
  • Fleche (Rapier): Lunges yourself forward, piercing through any enemies in your way.
  • Charge (Great Axe): Allows you to move 10m quickly.

If you're looking for good builds that complement these abilities, check out our best leveling build guide.

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