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Factions are still something that New World needs to get right. During the Closed Beta, it wasn't long before a single faction dominated the entire server, and without proper catch-up mechanics, this can leave everyone else feeling a little put-out.

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Until we get more information about how factions will work in the full release of New World, we'll cover what each faction represents, and some general tips for picking a faction on day one of release. You're stuck with your faction for at least three months, so you want to make sure you pick the right one.

What Are Factions In New World?

There are three factions in New World: the Syndicate, the Marauders, and the Covenant. Each has its own unique lore and cosmetic armor sets, but that's pretty much where the differences end.

The faction you choose will dictate most of your gameplay throughout your time in New World. You will complete missions for your faction, duel with other factions in PvP (sometimes on a massive scale), and fight for control over the map.

Whichever faction gets control of a Settlement has control over its upgrades, can set the tax rates for the area, receives buffs when they're nearby, and generally be the better off for it.

Important Things To Remember About Factions

  • You can only choose one faction to be a part of.
  • You choose your faction when you reach level 10.
  • You can only change factions after three months, or 120 days.
  • You will only be able to join companies (like mini-factions inside the faction) of the faction you're in.
  • If you're playing with friends, join the same faction. Unless you want to kill them. That's fine, too.
  • Even when you change faction, you cannot choose to join the largest faction on the server.

Until we know more about whatever catch-up mechanics will be introduced to balance faction power, joining either the largest or second-largest faction is recommended when joining a fresh server. On day one, that might be a bit tricky. Who even knows what the largest faction will be?

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What Is The Best Faction In New World?

Unless you're picking a faction because it's the largest on your server, and therefore, technically, the best, the choice of which faction to play really comes down to personal preference.

Each faction has a unique cosmetic style, here are some of the main armor pieces from during the closed beta.

Here is also a bit of lore about each faction.

  • The Marauders are a vast military organization looking to control all of Aeternum. If you like cracking skulls and collecting loot (rather than brewing potions), the Marauders might be the faction for you.
  • The Syndicate is a rogueish intelligent group that likes magic and magical weapons. If you're going for a healer or mage build, you might want to steer in this direction.
  • The Covenant are nature fanatics that want to purge Aeturnum of heretics and industry. All their promo materials featured the Bow, so there's that.

Faction PvP

The faction system is the main way PvP works in New World. Not only can you flag yourself for PvP to duel players you encounter while exploring, there are also set events that encourage combat between factions

  • 50v50 Sieges - These large-scale PvP events can be triggered by opposing factions. It's the largest form of PvP in the game and a lot of fun.
  • PvP In Open World - Like to challenge yourself and keep exploring fresh? You can flag yourself for PvP while out and about, and players from other factions can be battled.

Completing Faction Missions

There are lots of different ways to contribute to your faction's success, and not all of them revolve around PvP.

  • Completing Faction Missions - Faction missions reward some decent EXP for mid-game leveling, as well as Faction Tokens which can be spent on various cosmetic items that coincide with your faction's style.
  • Territory Control - Players will battle it out over control of settlements. Once a faction is in control, they can govern the tax, upgrades, and other buffs players receive while in the area.
  • There are lots of different types of faction missions, like killing a set amount of Corrupted enemies, delivering goods to another settlement, or recovering special items and intel.

What Are Companies?

Each faction is broken down into 100-player companies. This is basically how each faction operates on a micro-scale. As of the closed beta, there is not much integration between the different companies, and you're currently unable to form an alliance between different companies.

  • Each Company is broken down into a hierarchy, a bit like a guild in other MMOs. There is a Governor who is responsible for managing settlements and warfare and a second-in-command.
  • Companies can't be allies, but they can wage war against each other.

Conclusion - Is There Really A Best Faction?

All factions are essentially the same, beyond their background lore and cosmetic items. One faction might well dominate the server, or the two largest factions are in a constant state of war, battling for control of various territories. The third faction can often feel like a bit of a waste of time.

If you're unsure which faction is best for you, go with whatever you like the look of. Time will tell whether your faction will be successful or not, but at least there are plenty of ways for you, as a player, to contribute to that success.

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