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New World has three factions that are all competing for control over Aeternum, the game's setting. Players can choose fairly early in the campaign if they wish to join the Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant, each faction fighting to control sections of the map.

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Beyond joining a faction, you'll need to increase your rank with them by completing faction quests. These quests aren't created equal, with some granting more reputation than others. We'll be going over how to increase your faction rank in New World, covering each rank requirement, faction quests, and why some players are stuck with a reputation cap of 3,000.

Joining A Faction

If you've already joined a faction, skip to the next section.

Before you can earn any Faction reputation, you'll need to be part of a faction. When you get far enough in the main story, you'll be given the "Commitment to the Cause" quest. You'll need to join one of three factions: the Marauders, Syndicate, and the Covenant. Factions influence who your allies are in PvP and the rewards you can purchase from your faction reward shop. The reward differences are cosmetic only, so don't worry about choosing a faction that has inferior rewards.

You can change your faction at any time once every 60 days. If two factions are at war while you switch, you cannot switch to the faction that's winning the war. In essence, join the factions your friends are aligned with or the faction that looks the coolest to you.

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Faction Quests

Once you've joined a faction, you can speak to your faction's representative at any settlement. They'll have six different quests you can claim at any time—three for PvE, three for PvP. Both quest categories give faction standing, but the PvP quests give substantially more with the caveat of a failure condition. If you want to level your faction quickly, you'll want to complete as many PvP quests as you can. PvE quests are a great alternative, but they don't give nearly as much faction standing as PvP quests.

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Unlike Town Boards, faction quests refresh when completed. If you don't like any of the quests currently available, you can wait for the vendor's quests to refresh.

PvE Quests

Reputation rewards listed are for a level 1-25 zone. As you enter higher-level zones, these values will increase

PvE quests task you with retrieving items, killing enemies patrolling an area, or crafting items. These missions have no time limit or failure state, so you can complete these quests at your own leisure. These quests grant more XP than Town Board quests but less than most side quests. Grab these whenever you're about to complete a series of side quests to maximize your XP gains. PvE quests grant around 300 reputation each, ranging from the high 200s to the mid 300s.

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PvP Quests

Reputation rewards listed are for a level 1-25 zone. As you enter higher-level zones, these values will increase.

PvP quests are about holding ground, collecting resources, or retrieving items in specific locations. Grabbing any PvP quest will toggle PvP on until you abandon the quest. Unlike PvE quests, if you die at any point, the quest automatically fails. You'll need to be careful when doing these quests, as most of the locations you'll need to visit are also the quest destination for other factions, ensuring you're going to meet enemy players. Since the risk is greater, the reward payout is better. PvP quests grant over 400 reputation each, ranging from the low 300s to the high 400s. Complete as many of these quests as you can to quickly rank up your faction.

You might have your favorite region to do PvP quests in already, but we've found success doing our runs in Shattered Mountain. There just seems to be a lot less PvP-flagged players running around as they're mostly there to complete daily Elite Chest Runs. It's also one of the quickest runs we've found, and you can do a full run in around 10 minutes. Maybe a bit longer if you are hassled by other players. In total, over the course of an hour, you can make 20k or 30k Faction Tokens.

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The 3,000 Reputation Cap Explained

You might notice that your reputation is capped at 3,000 in the early game. This is because you need to complete a quest to further your rank. To get past the 3,000 reputation cap, you need to complete the "Trial of the [Faction Rank]" quest, available at level 20. The quest's name is different depending on your faction:

  • Marauder: Trial of the Gladiator
  • Syndicate: Trial of the Scrivener
  • Covenant: Trial of the Templar

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Your faction vendor will give these quests out as needed. This quest repeats each time you reach the necessary reputation needed to increase your faction rank.

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Faction Ranks

Each faction in New World has five ranks, each unlocking new items you can purchase from the faction reward store. You'll need to earn faction reputation through faction quests, then complete a Trial quest once you're high enough level to progress through each rank.

Faction Rank Names

Rank Marauder Syndicate Covenant
1 Soldier Adept Initiate
2 Gladiator Scrivener Templar
3 Ravager Chronicler Excubitor
4 Destroyer Cabalist Lumen
5 Commander Alchemist* Alchemist*

*Rank 5 members in Syndicate and Covenant are both called Alchemists

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Faction Rank Reputation And Level Requirements

Rank Rep Required Level Recommended
1 0 N/A
2 3,000 25
3 11,000 40
4 26,000 50
5 49,000 60

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Faction Rewards

As part of our fresh level 60 guide or guide for returning players, you will notice that there are some very valuable items listed in the Faction Rewards.

  • Grand Rune Of Holding - These are required to craft currently the highest tier of bag in the game, check out our guide for bags here. They are expensive, and sell for a couple of thousand gold on the average marketplace. You will need rank four of your respective Faction to unlock these. They cost 7,000 Faction Tokens and 1,500 Gold.
  • Gypsum Orbs - At rank five of your faction, you can purchase two Gypsum Orbs a day. These are super easy to earn with a few PvP missions per day, at a cost of 7,000 Faction Tokens each.
  • As a starter level 60, you can also use Faction Tokens to purchase some excellent starter gear. However, always check the auction house first, as there are usually cheap items up there with two perks at 580/590 gear score. The gear costs a LOT of Faction Tokens, so usually it's best to just ignore this if you're a returning player and the TP is full of goods.

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