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Owning a house in New World is slightly more complicated than in other MMOs. You'll need to unlock the ability to purchase a house, have the required Coin to buy it, then have enough Coin to pay a weekly property tax. That degree of investment has kept many players away from purchasing a house, and that's a shame.

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New World's houses are far more than a living space. They provide a free fast travel point, increase your storage capacity, and even grant passive buffs just for owning one. We'll be going over why you'd want to own a house, how to purchase a house, explain New World's Property Tax system, and the buffs you can expect from owning a home.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A House?

Owning a house in New World provides far more benefits than having a place to call your own. While you own a home, you can:

  • Fast travel to your house for free every 2-4 hours.
    • Lockout duration is determined by the value of the house.
  • Display trophies, granting passive boons that work in every region.
  • Increase your storage capacity in a given settlement.

If you're tired of using Azoth to fast travel, you'll want to seriously consider purchasing a house in a settlement you frequently visit. You can own up to three houses in New World, so think carefully about which settlements you purchase property from.

Don't gloss over trophies or storage, either. Trophies provide passive buffs that work in every zone, whether you own property there or not. And as you get into the endgame of New World, you'll need as much storage space as possible to store crafting materials, something you can increase by owning a house.

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Purchasing A House

You must have a Territory Standing of ten or higher to purchase a house. Once you reach level ten in a given region, you'll be forced to grab the "House Ownership" reward, allowing you to purchase property in that zone. From there, head to the settlement to look for any houses that might interest you.

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When you've found a house you like, press "T" while near it to open up a purchasing menu. It'll tell you the benefits you can expect from owning a house and how much it costs. You have a 50% discount on the first house you purchase, so consider waiting until you can obtain a T4 house before you invest any money into a piece of property.

House Tiers And Benefits

As with most things in New World, houses are divided into different tiers. Increasing your Territory Standing will allow you to purchase higher tiers of housing, higher tiers granting stronger benefits. House tiers and benefits are broken up as follows (credit to the New World Fandom Wiki for the following information):

Tier House Cost


Fast Travel Cooldown Storage Furniture Cap Required Standing
1 5,000 500 4 Hours 1 10
2 10,000 1,000 3 Hours 2 15
3 15,000 1,500 2.5 Hours 3 20
4 20,000 2,000 2 Hours 4 30

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Property Tax

Yup, you read that correctly: New World has a Property Tax mechanic. Once a week, you'll need to pay a small fee to maintain the benefits of your house. If you fail to pay this fee, all auxiliary benefits tied to the house—trophies, extra storage, and ability to fast travel—will be disabled until you pay. You'll still own your house if you don't pay the Property Tax.

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Fortunately, figuring out your Property Tax is easy in New World. Every house has a principal rate that is determined by your house tier. T1 houses have a 400 Coin tax, while T4 houses have a 1,600 Coin tax. This principal can be modified by two things:

  1. Territory Standing discounts
  2. Governers of the settlement

There is a Territory Standing card called "Property Tax" that reduces this fee by a noticeable amount. Grabbing a few of these cards can grant a 15-20% discount on this weekly tax.

Note: When you buy your first house, your first Property Tax fee will be 50% lower.

If your settlement is owned by a Company, high-ranking members called Governors can adjust the region's Property Tax rate. Governers can adjust the Property Tax rate from 5-20%. 5% is a low tax rate, 10% is moderate and is considered the default, and 20% is a high tax rate. If no Company owns or alters a settlement, your tax rate will be 10% (the value listed when you first purchased a house).

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Trophies And Furniture

Property Tax mainly exists to offset the power of house trophies and furniture. Each house in New World can house a varying amount of furniture and up to five Trophies each. Furniture can be used to drastically increase your storage size, and Trophies can be used to receive passive benefits that affect you in every zone.


Trophies are cosmetics you can place in your home that grant passive benefits to your character, ranging from bonus damage to Lost to increased luck when harvesting or crafting. You can have five Trophies active in a given home. While you can't stack the same Trophy in one house, you can stack the same Trophy across multiple houses. For example, you can't place three Mining Trophies in the same house, but you can place one Mining Trophy in three different houses.

For more information on Trophies, including every Trophy type in New World, consult our Trophy guide.

Storage Chests

Your house can house a certain amount of storage-related chests, each increasing your storage capacity for that settlement. These storage increases are massive, allowing you to double your storage limit without accounting for Territory Standing cards. The tier of your house determines how many chests you can place in your house. With a T4 house, you'll be able to place four chests simultaneously.

There are four tiers of storage chests in New World:

Tier Storage Increase
1 200-225
2 300-325
3 400
4 500-525

Furniture And Rank Points

Every other furniture type in New World is purely cosmetic and offers no benefits. Some furniture categories include beds, tables, vegetation, pets, and lights. There's a limit to how many pets and lights you can have in your house, varied based on the tier of house you own.

Tier Light Cap Pet Cap
1 4 5
2 6 6
3 8 7
4 10 8

Beyond that, every piece of furniture has a score associated with it. Named Rank Points, this score is used to determine how well decorated your house is. The more furniture you place in your home, the more Rank Points it'll have. Some items will stop giving Rank Points if you place copies of the same item in your house, so keep this in mind.

If your Rank Points exceed every other player that owns that same piece of property, your house can be visited by other players on the server. There's no mechanical benefit to doing this, but if you want to show the entire server how sweet your house looks, this is your main way of doing so.

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