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New World's focus on crafting and endgame grinding means you'll need a place to store all of your crafting materials, gear, and miscellaneous items. Since crafting the best gear in New World requires an immense amount of time and resources, you're going to want as much storage space as possible.

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That's why it's important you take certain steps towards upgrading your storage space whenever possible, both for your character and the settlements you'll frequently visit. The sooner you work towards upgrading your storage, the smoother your endgame experience will be. This guide will cover every way you can increase your storage space in New World, ranging from housing to standing rewards.

Updated December 31, 2021: Maximizing your storage space is key to making your life in New World less of a hassle, so we've put together a short video guide for a more in-depth look.

How To Increase Your Storage Space

There are four main ways of increasing your storage space in New World:

  1. Equip bags on your character.
  2. Craft storage chests in houses you own.
  3. Grab the "Storage" Territory Standing reward.
  4. Post your items at a Trading Post.

It's also worth noting that refining raw materials and crafting new items are both two ways of lowering the weight of items in your storage. Just keep in mind which items you're using, as some resources (especially Iron Ore) are frequently used for late-game crafting.

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Bags And Satchels

  • Storage Increase: 150+ per bag

Your only way of increasing storage space on your actual character is by equipping bags and/or satchels. These items go in a dedicated bag slot in your character's inventory. At level 45, you can equip up to three bags at a time. Bags will grant anywhere from +150-410 storage on their own, although this number can be increased even further through perks.

Every Bag And Satchel

New World features nine different bags you can craft and equip, each with a varying storage increase. The Gear Score of your bag also determines how much it can carry, with higher scores being able to carry more items. We've listed every bag below and its storage values. Credit to nwdb for the information provided below.



Worn Traveler's Satchel 50 2
Coarse Lether Adventurer's Satchel 100-120 2
Rugged Leather Adventurer's Satchel 150-180 3
Layered Leather Adventurer's Satchel 225-265 4
Gator Leather Satchel 255 4
Infused Leather Adventurer's Satchel 300-360 5
Note: New World's database lists porter duffel bags as a bag type. These are currently unobtainable and will not be mentioned in this guide.

Bag Perks

Just like the rest of your gear, bags can come with a variety of perks that enhance your bag's ability to store items. Below is a list that showcases every storage-related perk a bag can come with. Credit to the New World Fandom Wiki for the following information.

Perk Description
Alchemist's Burden Reduces the weight of alchemy reagents, potions, and sickles by 5-10%
Extra Pockets You can carry 50-95 more weight.
Gourmand's Burden Reduces the weight of cooked food by 5-10%
Lumberjack's Burden Reduces the weight of wood, timber, and logging axes by 5-10%
Mercenary's Burden Reduces the weight of weapons and ammo by 5-10%
Prospector's Burden Reduces the weight of ores, ingots, and pickaxes by 5-10%
Quarryman's Burden Reduces the weight of stone, blocks, gems, and pickaxes by 5-10%
Quartermaster's Burden Reduces the weight of armor by 5-10%
Tanner's Burden Reduces the weight of rawhide, leather, and skinning knives by 5-10%
Weaver's Burden Reduces the weight of fiber, cloth, and sickles by 5-10%

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Storage Chests

  • Storage Increase: Up to 525 per chest

Any house you own can store a certain amount of storage chests, increasing your storage shed's weight limit for the settlement your house is in. The tier of your house determines how many storage chests you can craft. With a T4 house, you're able to place five storage chests in your house at a time. And just like houses, these storage chests have tiers that get progressively better.

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Below is a list of every storage chest you can place in your house:

Chest Storage Tier
Hewn Log Storage Chest 200 1
Mossy Rock Storage Chest 225 1
Old Wood Storage Chest 225 1
Hunter Storage Chest 325 2
Iron Storage Chest 300 2
Stone Storage Chest 325 2
Booty Storage Chest 400 3
Dynasty Storage Chest 400 3
Hope Storage Chest 400 3
Golden Steel Storage Chest 500 4
Cursed Storage Chest 525 4
Polished Marble Storage Chest 525 4

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Storage Standing Card

  • Storage Increase: 25 per card

One easy way to increase your storage is by grabbing the "Storage" card as a Territory Standing reward. As you increase your rank with a region, you'll be able to claim certain passive benefits in the form of cards. One of these cards will increase the limit of your storage shed in a settlement by 25 points. That might not sound significant, but this is the only Territory Standing reward in New World that doesn't suffer from diminishing returns. Grab the storage card whenever it appears.

For more information about Territory Standing and its respective rewards, read our Territory Standing guide.

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Trading Post

  • Storage Increase: Not definite (sizable increase)

If you're truly desperate for storage space and don't mind a little bit of busy work, you can post your excess items at a Trading Post in a settlement. While an item is listed at a Trading Post, it doesn't take up any storage capacity. Place your item at the Trading Post for a fairly high cost to ensure someone else doesn't buy it, then let it sit in the market for up to 14 days. When the timer runs out, the item will be returned to your storage shed in that town. Be sure that your storage shed isn't already full if you plan to do this.

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