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New World has a robust PVP system that only gets more enjoyable as the game progresses. Not only can you flag yourself for PVP in the open world, but there are designated PVP game modes like sieges and Outpost Rush.

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As New World is a classless system, picking the right PVP build really depends on how you want to play and what sort of vague class you want to go for. Primarily a solo player? You'll need gear that helps you sustain yourself during a fight. More likely to be running with a group of friends? There is more flexibility in what you choose.

Updated November 1, 2021 by Harry Alston: New World is almost completely broken in its current form. It's only right to update this best PvP build guide with the most meta builds currently in the game. That's the Great Axe, by the way. Just the Great Axe. Read on for the most broken PvP builds in New World.

Best PVP Weapons So Far In New World

New World is currently entering early November and two weapons now stand out clear at the top of the PvP meta:

  • Great Axe
  • Life Staff
  • Hatchet

The Great Axe and Life Staff combo is broken. You're essentially invincible. Sacred Ground, the Life Staff's AoE healing ability, is one of the most powerful in the game. Stand in your heal and go hand-to-hand with Great Axe melee and CC and you're going to cause chaos. In fact, any combination with the Great Axe is pretty much broken. Heavy armor, Resilient perk, and anything else.

Likewise, the Amber-gem Hatchet with a Life Staff is also pretty broken in the current meta. The self-heal of the Berserker hatchet tree is impressive. You can just stand in the AoE heal and eat damage.

  • We have removed the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet from the game's PvP meta-list because they're currently broken. The AoE attacks are totally busted.
  • We've also scrapped the Rapier for the time being. In the right hands, the weapon is still viable, but falls apart in the tanky meta we're currently in, it just doesn't cut it.

Great Axe PVP Build

Slow and cumbersome? Nope. The Great Axe is vicious. It deals massive damage, has some decent sustain, and its charge ability provides that extra bit of mobility you need in a fight. The Gravity Well ability is also one of the best CC abilities in the game.

Best Masteries For The Great Axe In PVP

The Reaper tree. That's it. That's the guide. No, really, the Reaper tree is ideal for PVP. Here's a rough overlook of how you want your Great Axe to look in PvP:

  • This build focuses on Reap, Charge, and Gravity Well. Gravity Well is one of the most powerful PvP abilities in the game. It is designed to hold players in place for AoE damage.
  • Reap is decent for PvE and PvP. You can basically hook people toward you as they try to run away.
  • Charge provides a decent bit of mobility if you want to either a) close space, b) get out of danger.

Best Armor For Great Axe PVP Build

Like the weapons, armor has received its own tweaks and balance changes over the last few months. Heavy armor is currently the best armor to wear in PvP, and it's not even close. Light and medium are extremely squishy in comparison.

  • Heavy Helmet and Heavy Chest are enough to provide you with decent damage reduction and defensive stats.
  • Heavy armor across the board, with the Resilient perk if you can get it.

What Weapon Pairing Is Best For The Great Axe?

This is where the build-crafting in New World really comes into its own. You have so many options for weapon combinations that it can sometimes be tricky to know which is going to work best for your build.

  • Great Axe And Sword - This is a more tanky option for a PVP build. We've actually included this in our best tank builds in New World. You have the defensive capabilities of the Sword's defender perk alongside the massive damage of the Great Axe. Deadly.
  • Great Axe and War Hammer - Big swinger, we like to call this one. This is all about hitting hard and fast, but you might find yourself a bit of a target in PVP. As a sidenote, the War Hammer is currently bugged in the open beta. This build works, arguably, better for PVE.
  • Great Axe And Hatchet Build - This build relies on the ranged capabilities of the Hatchet. Picking up the various throwing abilities gives you a bit of versatility in one v ones. Rending Throw, in particular, can be devastating to weaken your opponent before going in with your Great Axe.
  • Great Axe and Life Staff - Amber gem in the Great Axe and full Focus for the Life Staff. Absolutely disgusting self-heal ability paired with the heavy armor and strong CC of the GA and you have a pretty oppressive build. In theory, you're invincible.

Here are some more of our weapon build guides for more specific info on the weapons:

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