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Engineering is one of a dozen or so trade skills in New World. It's one you'll need to level up to craft ranged weapons, but more importantly, your set of tools.

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You'll begin the game with access to flint tools, then move up to Iron, and then to Steel. You only get access to these higher-tier tools with a higher Engineering level. Here's how to level up your Engineering skill quickly.

Level Up With Iron Arrows

These will be essential to crafting the items you need to level up your engineering skill quickly. It's simple: you're going to craft thousands of arrows.

Each arrow rewards +103 in Engineering. This is a better return rate than almost any other item in terms of resources spent to EXP rewarded.

You will need Wood, Iron, and Feathers to craft them.

  • Feathers are harvested from Turkeys. Kill them whenever you see them during the early parts of the game. Often found outside towns and in general woodland areas across the map.
  • Wood, or Timber, is refined from Green Wood at the Woodshop. Just cut down lots of trees. You will want to level up your Logging skill anyway.
  • Iron? Well, we've got a guide on where to find Iron right here.
Note: Iron Arrows are HEAVY. Try to sell your arrows at the trading post for a small amount.

Level Up With Gunpowder

An alternative method is to craft Gunpowder. This requires Saltpeter, Flint, and Charcoal.

Saltpeter is arguably much easier to come by than Iron (you can find our guide on where to find it here), and both Flint and Charcoal are easily harvested from just exploring areas nearby a town.

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Level Up With Iron Cartridges

If you do opt for the Gunpowder route, then it makes sense to transition into crafting Iron Cartridges. These are slightly more valuable than Iron Arrows and will likely sell faster on the market, which does get a bit more out of the process than just discarding piles of Iron Arrows.

To craft Iron Cartridges you will need Iron, Linen, and Gunpowder. You've already got the linen, and know how to find Iron thanks to our guide, so it's just down to collecting plenty of Fibers from Hemp and refining them into Linen. Here's our guide on where to find hemp.

Level Up With The Weak Proficiency Booster Potion

Lastly, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to level up your Engineering skill is to craft hundreds of Weak Proficiency Booster Potions.

These are crafted with:

  • 1 x Air Mote
  • 1 x Soul Mote
  • 1 x Water

Each potion grants a boost of +36 experience, and these ingredients are easily found. Water is found, well, everywhere, and both Air Motes and Soul Motes are harvested from rare plants and ore veins.

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