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In New World, leveling your mining skill lets you access high tier ores, like Starmetal and Lodestone. Your ability to mine these ores is restricted to your mining level, not the quality of your pickaxe.

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Mining experience is earned through, well, mining ore. However, you can also smash open boulders and collect mote ores, like Scorchstone, which will also level up your skill. There are also a few different ways to level up your mining skill quickly. Here are some tips.

Find A Mining Loop

This is probably the best way to alleviate some of the pain of always hunting for ore. Find a route that takes you past several ore veins and stick to it. We have two available guides on where to find Iron ore and where to find Silver ore that includes mining loops as well as specific vein locations.

Here is a sample mining loop for Cutlass Keys, as an example:

There is a mix of Iron, Silver, and Gold ore along this route. It takes you past the Yafda Steps and Gefyra Bridge, areas inhabited with level 28-30 Ancient mobs, so come prepared with a decent level before you tackle this route. Much of the ore is located along the cliffs.


General tips:

  • Ore respawns every 15-20 minutes or so.
  • Aim for a loop that has ore resets by the time you go back around.
  • Going for mining trips during low population server times is recommended if you're able to. Fewer players = more ore.
  • Various interactive maps allow you to refine your search for specific ore types. Try and aim for areas that might be less populated by players, i.e away from the major towns, or in the higher level areas (if you're of the right level, of course.)

Spec Into Mining Luck And Mining Experience

Crafting is a huge part of New World. You can check out our full crafting guide here, as well as information about how to level up your engineering skill to produce better tools. Yes. You're going to need a better pickaxe to speed up your leveling.

  • You will need to find and attach a Steel Miner's Charm during the crafting process. This unlocks the Prospector's Discipline perk -- increases the mining experience you get per mined ore.
  • The Steel Miner's Charm is found by looting supply chests, urns, etc, from the open world. They have a chance to drop from any chest from level 8 and beyond, although they are somewhat rare.
  • Alternatively, you can add Azoth during the crafting process in the hopes that you can unlock the perk by chance.

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