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Jewelcrafting is a trade skill in New World. It involves crafting your mined and refined gemstones into Trinkets, like rings, necklaces, and amulets. Because of the other necessary companion skills that go along with Jewelcrafting (mining and stonecutting), this is one of the more difficult trade skills to level quickly.

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There is also a limited choice when it comes to leveling techniques due to the few items available to craft at any particular Jewelcrafting level. Regardless, here's a short guide on how to maximize your time spent Jewelcrafting and level up the skill quickly.

Updated November 23, 2021, by Harry Alston: Patch 1.1 introduced some significant changes to how crafting works in New World. A lot of the values have been tweaked, which impacts the best crafting path through most of the trade skills, Jewelcrafting included. However, Jewelcrafting has some serious problems right now. We've updated this guide with a bit of information about this impacts your leveling process.

Patch 1.1 Changes To Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting has been impacted by the overall change to crafting - low-level items now reward significantly less exp than high-level items. I.e, your regular crafted amulets are now useless at a high level. However, there is one problem: in this current version of 1.1, Jewelcrafting is completely bugged. It is now much, much harder to level. Our advice is not to touch Jewelcrafting until these bugs are fixed.

  • Essentially, high-level Jewelcrafting items currently do not provide the amount of experience expected - i.e, the tweaks for leveling exp do not apply to Jewelcrafting, but they still require the same material sink.
  • In theory, the changes should apply to high-level jewelcrafting items that basically mean you shouldn't bother crafting Flawed Gem Amulets or other low-level items. High-level items should provide you with a lot more exp. However, we repeat, this is currently not how the system works.

As a PSA: do not bother crafting any amulets, rings, or earrings during this patch. The official word from the developers is that this will be fixed in a further patch, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

How To Get Started With Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting requires three extra skills that you'll need to level:

  • Mining - Getting to at least Silver is recommended, as we've noticed that Silver has a higher chance to drop Gemstones than Iron. You can check out our mining level guide here.
  • Stonecutting - Stonecutting allows you to cut and refine gems. The higher the level, the better gems you can refine. Check out our complete guide to gems here.
  • Harvesting - Gems need to be cut alongside elemental motes that are gathered via the Harvesting skill, i.e Air Motes, Death Motes, etc.

You will also need to be able to smelt Silver and Gold ingots to craft the Trinket Components. These are things like Hooks, Bands, and Settings. Higher-tier Trinkets will require components of both Silver and Gold, although the lower tier 2 items only require Silver.

What Work Stations You Need

Leveling up your Jewelcrafting requires these basic needs:

  • A Tier 2 Outfitting Station to craft the Trinket components and Amulets themselves.
  • A Tier 2 Stonecutting Table to refine the gems.
  • A Tier 3 Smelter to craft Silver Ingots.
  • A Harvesting Skill of level 30 to gather motes from Magical Plants. You can also mine Motes from magical rocks, like the Earthcrag, if you are level 50+.

How To Level Up Jewelcrafting From 0-200

There's no denying it: Jewelcrafting is a grind. There are two methods we've used to level up (relatively) quickly.

Leveling From 0-50

Craft Flawed Gemstone Amulets. These require Cut Flawed Gemstones, Silver Chains, and Silver Settings. Any Cut Flawed Gemstone is viable and each of these will net you around 200 XP per crafted Amulet. That includes the XP gained for crafting Silver Chains and Silver Settings.

You will need to craft 51 Flawed Gemstone Amulets for a total of 11,125 XP.

Leveling From 50-200

Welcome to the grind.

Don't use your cheap flawed Gemstones to craft useless Flawed Gemstone Amulets. Save them! Use them to craft higher-tier gemstones via Infusion.

From level 50 you can craft Tier 3 rings. These require a Silver Band/Gold Band, a Silver Setting/Gold Setting, and a Silver or Gold Ingot.

You get a LOT more XP from crafting these rings than the regular Flawed Amulets.

Some things to remember:

  • Gem Infusion requires like 3 or 4 flawed gems per higher-tier gem. This means you're going to need a lot of gems.
  • Eat Mining Luck food while mining Gold and Silver to increase your chances to get more gems (Roasted Potatoes, or any Potato dish variation.)
  • Salvage everything! You sometimes have a chance of getting back a flawed gemstone or gem when you salvage a ring, amulet, or necklace.

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