Weaponsmithing is one of the most difficult trade skills to hit level 200 with in New World, mostly because of the excessive need for resources like Iron and higher-tier metals.

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So far, the only method we've found to be even remotely cheap or efficient is to prioritize Weak Honing Stones and the occasional tier 2 weapon. You will need thousands of stone blocks, thousands of Fire and Death motes, and thousands of Iron ore. It's a grind.

How To Level Weaponsmithing 1-200

First, you need to rush to level 20 in Weaponsmithing. This isn't difficult and doesn't require many resources, although all you can craft from the start are some basic Iron weapons.

  • You will need Iron, Timber, and Coarse Leather to craft Iron weapons.
  • Craft Great Axes, for example, until you hit level 20. It will take around 140 Iron bars to hit this, so not too bad. Not yet.

At level 20, you can begin crafting Weak Honing Stones.

Weak Honing Stones

​​​​​​​Weak Honing Stones are crafted with:

  • 1 x Stone Block
  • 1 x Death Mote
  • 1 x Fire Mote

Each Weak Honing Stone returns 36 xp. You will need over 50,000 Stone Blocks, Death Motes, and Fire Motes to reach level 200.

Yep. That's a lot of motes. Fire Motes, in particular, have begun to rocket in price because of their use in crafting late-game items. It's not worth it to craft any higher-tier level of honing stone, either, so don't bother. Turning your motes into wisps is just exp inefficient.

The cheapest way to get your motes and iron is to farm them yourself. Here are some recommended routes to speed up the process.

Best Farming Routes To Level Weaponsmithing

Your best bet is to take a balanced approach to Weaponsmithing. Put a priority on Honing Stones but also pay attention to Iron, Rawhide, and Timber needed to craft weapons. Here are some routes we used to level weaponsmithing quickly.

Credit to newworld-map.com for the map images used below. You can use this tool to create your own farming routes.

Windsward Leveling Route For Iron and Dragonglory

This route takes you in a loop around Windsward town, collecting Iron ore and Dragonglory plants. Head south past the town, gathering the Dragonglory as you go, hitting any available ores, then up through the west of the region. Stop off in the town to craft honing stones and weapons (salvage where possible), then head back on the route.

Cutlass Key Leveling Route For Iron, Scorchstone, and Dragonglory

This Cutlass Keys route is pretty viable. Located on the southern island in the region, this area of the map is sparsely populated but has a decent yield of everything you need for honing stones and weapons: Iron, Scorchstone, and Dragonglory. You can also gather more iron and silver in the northern mountains of this region, check out our Iron guide for more information about that route.

Multi-region Farming Route

The most efficient farming route on this list covers a few different northern regions, including Restless Shore and Mourningdale. You can pick up a lot of Iron, Dragonstone, and Scorchstone along this route. It will take around 40 minutes to an hour to complete this route, but you should leave with stacks of resources as long as your bags are big enough.

Death Mote Farming Spots

Death Motes are much easier to come by thanks to their density in some areas. Take this route between Weaver's Fen and Brightwood as an example:

These motes are fairly valuable on the market and this farming route is viable if you want to make some easy cash, or you can save them to craft honing motes to level your weaponsmithing skill.

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