New World has a very robust resource-gathering and crafting system which has undergone a lot of changes since the game's Alpha. One method of collecting resources is to chop down trees. A lot of them.

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Eventually, you will require Aged Wood to complete the Lumberjack Needed quest. However, up until that point in the game, you've probably been focused on a few other things than just chopping down trees and crafting wooden items. Here's how to get Aged Wood when you need to, and what it's used for.

How To Get Aged Wood In New World

Almost everything in New World has a skill-level attached to it, and that includes chopping down trees. You can start chopping trees as soon as you get your hands on the axe, but to be able to cut down Aged Wood you'll need to hit level 50 in Logging. That's...quite a lot of work.

Because there are no real requirements for wood other than crafting arrows and some other basic items, and you can get most of that wood from just picking through bushes, you probably won't have leveled up your Logging much. Any wood you get from young trees gives you "Green Wood." Here's how to speed it up.

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Tips For Getting Your Logging Skill Up Quickly

Leveling up your gathering skills - Mining, Skinning, Logging, Fishing, etc - requires time. Sometimes a lot of it. Here's how to speed up the Logging process if you're getting a bit bored of cutting down trees.

  • Find an area with a lot of Young Trees. These are the only trees you will be able to cut down at the start of the game. Areas with lots of young trees are pretty common around lakes of rivers. Try and find an area with a nice cluster of four or five trees.
  • Start cutting down trees every now and then as you walk around the world. If you start early (like, as soon as you get the axe) then when it comes to the Lumberjack Needed quest, hopefully, you're already getting towards the required level 50.
  • Take more than one hatchet with you. There's no point running all the way back to a crafting station to make another one, especially if you're out in the trees. And your axe will break. Maybe a couple of times.

Where Can You Find Mature Trees?

Mature trees are thicker, more "old" looking, and generally found in places where you'll find other trees. There are distinct forested areas that will have loads of trees in them. If you're not sure what a Mature Tree looks like, you can always walk over to it and read the tooltip.

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