The Petalcaps are not easy to find in New World. You could spend ages hunting for this item, which you need three of to complete the Weakness of the Ego quest, alongside Water and Rivercress Stem (which are thankfully a bit easier to find.)

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If you're stuck on this quest and don't know where to search for Petalcaps, don't worry. We've got you covered. There's a specific area of the map you can head to where there are at least five or six Fronded Petalcap plants.

Updated September 6, 2021, by Harry Alston: Ahead of the Open Beta this weekend, we've cleaned up this guide to finding Petalcaps and included some more locations. Remember, busy areas will always make it harder to find Petalcaps as other players collect them. We've tried to pick some extra spots that should be less busy.

Where To Find Petalcaps In New World

Searching for hours to find a necessary resource can be super frustrating. Just follows these instructions and check our map to find out where the Petalcaps are.

  • Petalcaps are located in the northern part of the First Light region.
  • You're searching for a river north of Nyhart's Anchorage, right on the border between First Light and Windsward.
  • The best spot to check is on the northern bank of the river. There is a cluster of five or six Petalcaps there which is more than enough to help you complete the Weakness of Ego quest.

Petalcaps are actually found all over the place, but it's difficult to know exactly where to look. It doesn't appear there's a restriction on where Petalcaps spawn.

You can also purchase Petalcaps at some trading posts, although it's not obvious which merchants sell Petalcaps and which don't.

Here are some other locations where you can find Petalcaps:

  • There are Petalcaps located just a few steps away from Windsward Town, although these areas will likely be highly populated and a nightmare to farm, especially during the opening weeks of the game.
  • To the south of Windsward there is a road that aligns with the border of First Light. There are several patches of Petalcaps here. We've marked it below on this map:

You're basically looking for areas of the map that are likely to be less busy. As we saw during the Closed Beta, populated areas make farming for items extremely difficult.

What Do Petalcaps Look Like?

These plants are chunky and sort of look like a pineapple. When you walk up to them it will say "Fronded Petalcap" which you can then harvest the Petalcaps from. Watch out for the sparkle that surrounds any harvestable resource. This should help you spot them if you're struggling to find them under shady trees or in the dark.

Remember, to complete the Weakness of the Ego quest you will need to collect Riverstem as well, which requires level 30 in harvesting.

What Are Petalcaps Used For In New World?

Petalcap isn't just used for this questline, so you might want to grab a few while you're out there by the river. It's also used to craft a variety of different items, including:

  • Common Ancient Coating
  • Infused Focus Potion
  • Powerful Focus Potion

Check out some of our other item location guides, if you get stuck:

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