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Iron Ore is a key crafting material in New World, Amazon's brand-new MMO currently in closed beta. There are loads of different ways to play New World, and with a very satisfying crafting system, it makes sense that players are on the hunt for various resources dotted across Aeternum.

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Thankfully, Iron Ore is pretty plentiful, as long as you know where to look. Here are the best locations to mine plenty of Iron, with multiple nodes in the same area. We've also got some tips on how to speed up your Iron mining process.

We updated this guide on September 16 to bring things more in-line with the most recent version of the game. This just includes some more of our favorite mining spots. Now that the servers have been increased to 2,500 population some of these spots are very, very busy, so try out a few different ones until you manage to snag one that is often free on your server.

Best Iron Ore Locations In New World

Iron Ore is located in Highlands regions. These are marked on your map, on the bar on the left, but are typically spotted by looking for areas of raised ground, usually mountainous, sometimes covered in trees. They're light brownish and speckled in color when you're scanning the map looking for them.

Here are the best spots we've found to locate Iron Ore in New World. We've designed these to act as sort of "mining loops" which you repeat over and over again.

  • Get your hands on a Mining Set of armor if you haven't got one already. This can be any gear score (especially if you're running mining loops in the South of the map) and pretty cheap these days.
  • Grab some Common Proficiency Potions to increase your intake of Iron from each harvested node. Don't bother with the more expensive ones as they aren't worth it.
  • You do not require any specific stat to mine Iron Ore. It can be gathered right from the start of the game.
  • Iron Ore veins usually respawn within 10 to 15 minutes, so if you find a good a loop of nodes you can circle around collecting ore as you go.


There are several areas where you can mine Iron Ore around Everfall, both to the north and to the east of the settlement. We've marked those spots on the map below. These spots are usually quite busy as they're close to one of the main towns in the game. It's probably worth it to check out other spots in less-populated areas.

  • To the east of Everfall, in the Midnight Den, you will encounter level six Beasts. However, there is also a good mix of Iron, Gold, and Silver ore in this cave. Worth checking out.
  • In the North, at the Meadow Lake Fishery, there are several exposed Iron nodes. This area is occupied with higher-level Lost mobs, up to level 18.
  • At the Canary Mine, you can find several Iron Ore nodes inside the cave and on the cliffy outskirts. This area is inhabited by level 15 corrupted mobs.

Monarch's Bluff

Here are some Iron ore spots to check out in Monarch's Bluff. This route involves fast traveling to the bottom left Shrine in Monarch's Bluff and then completing a short route in the highlighted area. There are about two dozen nodes in this area.

First Light And Cutlass Keys

There are several mining spots in the northern area of First Light and to the east of the region. There are also spots in the northeastern corner of Cutlass Keys. We've marked these areas on a map below.

  • Northeast of the Nyhart's Anchorage wreck there is a great spot to gather Iron, with several nodes that reside outside a mob area.
  • There is a concentration of Iron Ore nodes around the Graymane Burrow, although this area is inhabited with level 14 beasts.
  • In the south of Monarch's Bluff at the northeastern corner of Cutlass Keys Town, next to the Brigand Bastion, there is widespread Iron Ore, some inside the Lost spawn zone of level 24 mobs, and some outside of it.

One of our favorite spots to mine Iron in Cutlass keys is right here:

There are lots of different ores here, including Silver and Gold, and if you get the loop right you might be able to snag a lot along the way. It is busy, mostly because it's so close to the Cutlass Keys town center. However, with little Iron elsewhere in the region, the options are limited. Once you've finished this route you can also head north into the area south of Windsward, marked below.

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First Light

One of our favorite spots for mining at the start of the game is in First Light. If you started here, which we recommend you do if you want to level up quickly, then there is a great spot in the southern part of the region.

There is a lot of Iron here, and it's close to your start settlement, but there are Bobcats...so watch out. We've marked it on a map below.


One of the most popular starting regions in the game, Windsward does have Iron ore, but you'll be lucky if you can get any. Try and check out these spots below.

This area is obviously extremely busy, but there is a lot of Iron here. Check out around the Dankfur Hollow and Moe's Farm. There are sure to be some Iron ore nodes lying around. Time your trip for a late-night venture and see if you can't get a good loop going.

What Is Iron Used For In New World?

Iron Ore is used to craft Iron Bars, which are in turn used to craft a variety of different weapons and armors. You can find smelting stations at most large settlements, and factions can level up their smelting capabilities by completing the Town Projects.

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