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Oil is a raw resource in New World, Amazon's new MMO. In the closed beta, plenty of new areas to mine Seeping Stones, the rocks and pools that produce oil, were added.

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You can use Oil to craft a bunch of different potions, coatings, and for building specific types of furniture and cosmetic items, like Lanterns. You have to be a bit wary of hunting for Oil in the early game, as the main area, Weaver's Fen, is covered in enemies.

Where Do You Find Oil?

There are a lot of areas where you can find Oil in New World, although the area closest to the starting regions is Weaver's Fen. Dozens of different Seeping Stone nodes are dotted about. This is located to the direct east of Everfall and Brightwood.

Oil is only found in the Marsh biome, which you can check by looking at the various biomes shown on your world map. Thanks to NewWorldFans and their interactive map, you can search for various resource nodes around Aeternum.

Things to remember:

  • You can only mine Oil from Mining Level 20, so get working on mining up various resources.
  • Once you're at Mining Level 45, you can start to track Oil to make the mining process a bit easier.
  • If you're struggling to mine Seeping Stones due to the monsters, Oil can be purchased instead. Saves you the hassle if you're just after a couple of starter potions.

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Other areas where you can find Oil:

  • North Cutlass Keys, around the Flatfish Fishery spot.
  • North-east First Light, around Clearwater Bend and Letum's Pick.

However, even though you can find Oil in these locations, Weaver's Fen is the best place to find Oil in New World because it has dozens and dozens of Seeping Stones.

What Is Oil Used For?

Oil is used as the base crafting material for a bunch of early game Potions:

  • Oakflesh Balm - Requires Oil, a Water Mote, and an Earth Mote. Increases physical damage absorption by five percent for five minutes. Good for early tanking.
  • Beast Coating - This weapon Oil can be applied to your drawn weapon to give a damage boost against Beasts for five minutes. There are different tiers of Coatings, and each requires different levels and ingredients.
  • Lost Coating - Like the Beast Coating, this weapon oil gives a boost against Lost.
  • Oil can also be used during furniture crafting to stain certain materials, like Maple and Oak, as well as to craft cosmetic items for your home, like a Chandelier or Lantern.

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