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Saltpeter is a tier-one crafting resource in New World and one that only really matters if you intend on playing with the Musket. Saltpeter is turned into Gunpowder, which is then turned into Cartridges.

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However, the game doesn't really push you in the direction of where to actually find Saltpeter. It's a little frustrating if you want to start shooting stuff but don't have enough bullets. We'll go over some of the best places to get saltpeter in the starting areas of Aeternum. Remember, this is all subject to change for the game's release, although we will update in the few days after launch.

Best Places To Get Saltpeter - Early Game

Saltpeter is found in pretty much every single cave and quarry across the map. In the very early game, you'll receive a quest in Windswar called "Remnant of Doom" from Tahir Fayed.

This sends you on a quest to cleanse a cave of Corruption, inside Torrentdawn Cave. You'll need to defeat the Corrupted Chaplain, one of your very first mini-bosses, but once defeated you're free to explore. That's where you'll find the Saltpeter.

  • Check the edges of the cave for Saltpeter.
  • You do need at least a Flint Pickaxe to mine it. Make sure you craft one in Windsward before you head to the cave.
  • Currently, Saltpeter and Gunpowder are only used to craft Cartridges for the Musket, but this might change by the full release of the game.
  • Check out our Musket build guide for more info on this ranged weapon.

You can return to the cave by following the southeastern road from Windsward.

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Best Place To Get Saltpeter - Late Game

In the late game, as in approaching level 50, the best place to get Saltpeter is at the Ebonrock Quarry. You may well be sent here on a Faction Quest to kill various mobs, but for the purposes of this guide, it probably has the highest concentration of Saltpeter of anywhere on the map.

Ebonrock Quarry is located in the northwest region of Everfall.

  • You might still want to go somewhere with fewer mobs. Battling against waves of Corrupted is a bit frustrating if you're just there for Saltpeter.

What Is Saltpeter Used For In New World?

Saltpeter is used to craft Gunpowder (which can be done from zero Engineering level) and then turned into Cartridges.

There are a few different Cartridges in the game:

  • Iron Cartridges are what you start out with. They require Iron Ingots and Linen and can be crafted from level zero.
  • Steel, crafted at level 50.
  • Starmetal, crafted at level 100.
  • Orichalchum, crafted at level 150.

You can also craft a Powder Horn, which is a cosmetic housing item for your character's home. Crafted at Furnishing level 102, which is...well, a lot of crafting Furniture.

Each Gunpowder is crafted with one Saltpeter, two flints, and five charcoal, so it's not the hardest resource in the world to make.

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