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Hemp is a natural resource in New World that spawns right across the map. It's used in crafting recipes to create Fiber and Linen, which are then used as components in armor crafting recipes and more.

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You'll spend a lot of time hunting for resources in New World. This short guide will show you some of the best places to find Hemp, as well as how to use the in-game map to more easily find what you're looking for.

Updated September 9, 2021, by Harry Alston: We updated this guide for where to find hemp and fiber in New World for the open beta. There are several spots where lots of Hemp spawns, either to farm for fibers or to get your harvesting level up. Check out the spots we've marked out below.

Use The Map To Search For Hemp

You can toggle the map in-game by hitting the M key. This will open up the main overworld map. Hit Resource Locations and you'll get a dropdown of various regions where you can find a certain resource.

Hemp is fairly common, but can still be annoying to find if you don't know exactly where to look. Just keep your eyes open for tall green/brown plants with purple flowers. Depending on which area of the map you're in, hemp might look a little different, but don't worry, it can all get turned into fiber.

Here's a list of some of the places you should head to find it.

Best Places To Look For Hemp

Head south. Very little hemp spawns in the top half of the map, anything past Brightwood basically. You want to check out these regions for regular Hemp spawns:

  • Windsward has lots of different areas where hemp spawns and they're all pretty close together. South of the Amrine Temple and towards Cooper's Ranch, you can find two or three regular spawn spots.
  • There are big clumps of hemp that spawn in the northeast corner of Monarch's Bluff. Chason Steep is surrounding by bunches of the stuff, and you should be able to get lots of hemp here.
  • In the northwest area of First Light, close to Clearwater Bend, you can find loads of hemp around the fishing lakes there.
  • Lastly, in the eastern forest in First Light, just north of Saircor, you can find plenty of hemp, with several different clusters of the plant between the trees.

Here are some spots marked on the map where you can find plenty of Hemp.

South of Windsward, near Clearwater Bend.

East of Monarch's Bluff, near Chason Steep.

Thanks to mapgenie.io for the interactive New World map used to create these screenshots. Check it out for yourself!

What Is Hemp Used For In New World?

Hemp is where you get Fibers from, which are then turned into Linen, which is then used to craft various pieces of light armor and some other useful early-game items.

It's one of the very first resources you can refine at a Loom. You can find Looms at most major settlements, although you can also use your map to search for one.

Linen is used to craft these items:

  • Iron Cartridges for the Musket.
  • Sateen, level 50 Weaving required to move to the next tier.
  • Venerable Recurve, a Tier 2 Bow.
  • Used to craft various Iron armor pieces.

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