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Starmetal Ore requires level 100 in Mining and is used to craft a variety of different items and gear, including upgrading to the next tier of Ingot (Orichalcum) and lots of weapons, like the Tearsteal Rapier, or Timeripping Great Axe.

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Starmetal is located all over the map in New World, typically found inside caves and along cliffs and ridges. We've highlighted some of the best spots to find Ore, as well as some tips about mining it, and what you can use the resource for once you've collected it.

Best Places To Mine Starmetal

The large majority of populated Starmetal Vein areas are located in the north of the map, although there are smaller deposits located in the south.

As many players hunt for these vein deposits - and they can take anywhere between 10-15 minutes to respawn - it's a good idea to find a spot that is a little further from the more popular areas. Here's a rundown of some of the best spots so far.

Remember, this information is subject to change with the full release of the game, especially considering the island of Aeternum is set to get a lot bigger.

Weaver's Fen Bridge

This is one of the busier spots for Starmetal mining, but there are plenty of nodes to go around. South Vega Bridge is populated with Ancient mobs around the level 30 mark, which means you'll want to come prepared to fight. Still, this isn't as bad as some of the northern areas.

Great Cleave

There are dozens and dozens of Starmetal vein nodes spread out over Great Cleave, but this area requires a much higher level to tackle - Dead Fool's Pass, to the east, is populated with level 60+ Corrupted mobs that won't leave you alone while you mine. However, for the pure concentration of veins, this is probably one of the best areas to get lots of Starmetal.

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Many of the mobs spread out across Mourningdale hover around the 40-45 level, with certain Starmetal veins located in higher-level areas (with Ancient mobs at around 50-55). However, if you are of the right level, we noticed that Mourningdale is typically a bit quieter, making it easier to mine Starmetal away from other players.

What Is Starmetal Used For?

Starmetal is a tier four Ore that can be used to craft a variety of items, including gear and weapons. It's also used to upgrade into the tier five Orichalcum. You can craft Starmetal into:

  • It can be used during Weaponsmithing to craft various Tier Four weapons. You can check out some of our build guides for more info about weapons.
  • Can be used in Engineering, including to craft the Starmetal Cartridges for the Musket.
  • It also has its uses in various Arcana recipes.
  • Starmetal is also used during Furnishing to make various cabinets, chairs, and casks.

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