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Petrified Wood is one of the rarest resources in New World. You need it to craft some low-level items like the Venerable Recurve bow and some other higher-level Arcana items.

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It is extremely rare. It is possible to gather the material from every type of wood in the game, whether that's a Dead Tree, a Mature Tree, or whatever else. But you'll need high harvesting luck and other boosts if you want to get any.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Petrified Wood

There are two ways to increase your logging luck in New World:

  • Logging Luck Food
  • Logging Luck Gear

Logging luck also scales with your logging skill level. The higher your skill the more likely you are to get a Petrified Wood drop from cutting down a tree.

Logging Luck Food

There are two tiers of logging luck food and both involve cabbages. You can cook either roast cabbage (provides 20 minutes of boosted logging luck) or boiled cabbage (for 25 minutes of logging luck.) You need level 10 and 20 respectively to cook these foods.

You can find cabbages at the Bradbury Fields farm just east of Everfall town. It's one of the easiest spots to gather the vegetable thanks to its proximity to the town.

Here it is marked on a map:

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Logging Luck Gear

There are four items that you can use to craft better gear for logging specifically:

  • Vial of Sap - Gathered while cutting down trees. This uncommon variety crafting mod provides a 5 percent boost to finding rare items while logging.
  • Draught of Sap - A higher-tier version of the Vial, the Draught of Sap is a crafting mod that provides a boost of 9.5 percent chance to logging luck.
  • Starmetal Lumberjack's Charm - A crafting mod found while looting chests, crates, and urns. Provides a 9.3 percent chance increase for rare items while logging.
  • Orichalcum Lumberjack's Charm - This crafting mod provides a 19 percent boost to the resources gathered via logging, and that includes rare items like Petrified Wood.

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