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Looking for Briar Branches to complete a quest in New World? This short guide points you to exactly where the Briar plants are and how to farm for plenty of Briar Branches. It's easy to complete the quest with this guide.

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Beyond the quest, you will need Briar Branches for a variety of other crafting materials, like Briar Buds and Thorny Vines for crafting and Firefly Bait for fishing. Here are the best places to look for Briar plants.

Updated September 10, 2021, by Harry Alston: We've updated this location guide for Briar Branches to include a new spot and some better in-game pictures. New World is currently in open beta and fully releases at the end of September.

Where To Find Briar Branches In New World

Briar plants are basically just large bushes, commonly located around waterways, streams, rivers, and lakes found all over Aeturnum in various different regions.

The easiest place to head to really depends on which region you started in, although we do recommend somewhere around this area marked on the map below:

This is located north of Windsward (where you can collect the A Prickly Request quest) and is only a short walk from the settlement. There are Briar plants located all along this river area.

  • Briar only grows in Grassland biomes, so go for the lighter green areas, not the darker green/brown areas.
  • Briar plants are found all along the river in Windsward, which makes it an easy region to gather lots of materials.

Specifically, you should check out the spots where two water sources meet, as this seems to increase the chances of there being more Briar plants in the area.

You could also check out this spot:

This is located next to a bridge. The river here is covered in Briar plants.

What Does Briar Plant Look Like?

Here is a screenshot of what Briar looks like in-game. The quest to collect Briar Branches is easy to complete once you find a cluster like this. Several plants spawn on top of each other.

What Else Can You Get From Briar Plants?

As you harvest Briar Branches for the quest, you will also collect Firefly Bait, Briar Buds, and Thorny Vines.

  • Briar Buds are used to craft Weak Mana Potions, and you need one Briar Bud for each Mana Potion. This is the lowest-tier of Mana potion in the game, but it can be useful if you're going for an early Fire Staff build.
  • You can just buy Briar Buds if you don't want to spend time hunting the waterways for the plants.
  • Firefly Bait gives a boost to fishing chance when used in Fresh Water, good if you're on the hunt for a specific type of fish.

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