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Gold Ore is an important crafting material in New World, although you need to smelt it into gold bars before you can use it. Because of its variety of uses, you'll probably want to collect quite a lot of it, and mining gold veins can be rewarding in other ways, too.

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This short guide covers some of our favorite places to mine gold during the closed beta of New World. These areas are typically located around caves and cliffs and are usually guarded by a large beast of some kind. More gold, the more difficult the beast to kill, typically.

All these areas are subject to change with the game's full release, and we will update accordingly.

Best Places To Mine Gold Ore - Early Game

As many of the best areas to mine Gold ore are protected by named beasts - high-level creatures that will kill you if you're not prepared - here are some suggestions to find gold in areas that have lower-level creatures. Thanks to mapgenie for these great interactive map screenshots.

Monarch's Bluff - Mines De Miclot

This small cluster of Gold ore veins in the Mines De Miclot is protected by a level eight Aberration, which shouldn't be too difficult to defeat in the early game. It's located just to the east of Monarch's Bluff Town.

Cutlass Keys - Rothoard Hollow

There are loads of Gold ore veins here along the cliffs and ridges just south of Cutlass Keys Town. Plus, there are few monsters here, and no named beast that can ruin your mining expedition. Beware, though, this area is populated with Lost - those shambling zombies that you will have to defeat if you want to mine the Gold and Starmetal inside.

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Best Places To Mine Gold Ore - Middle To Late Game

There are two areas that have large concentrations of Gold Veins: the Defiler Excavation in the eastern region of Great Cleave, and the Congregation cave, just to the south of Weaver's Fen, on the border of Reekwater.

The Congegration Cave

There are several Gold ore veins dotted around this area, including inside the cave and on the cliffs around the area.

  • This area is guarded by a level 62 Mirepaw, which does make it a harder area to mine for lower levels.

Defiler Excavation

There are multiple Gold ore veins around this area including to the east near the Frostbite den.

  • This area is guarded by a level 43 Deepit Abomination, so not quite as hard to mine here as with the high-level Mirepaw.

What Is Gold Used For In New World?

Gold has a variety of uses, and while you're mining Gold veins you even have a chance to get rare gem drops, too.

  • Various gems can drop while mining Gold veins, depending on mining skill and mining luck, including Rubies, Sapphires, Topaz, and more.
  • Gold can be smelted into Gold Ingots, which are used to craft a huge range of items, including the more advanced Platinum Ingots, the Musket of the Corrupted Guardian, and the special Arcana item, Arctic Dusk, among others.

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