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Life Motes are alchemy crafting materials that are used to craft various items in New World, though their most common use is to refine Diamond and Onyx gems for application on weapons or armor during crafting.

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There are a few different ways to find them, although the easiest is probably by hunting for Lifebloom plants. These have fairly regular spawn locations. We've marked some out on the map below, as well as some pictures of what they look like. This guide also goes over some other places where you can find Life Motes.

Where To Find Lifebloom Plants And Life Motes In New World

Lifebloom Plants can be found across Aeternum, although they are most common in grasslands areas and often found close to water. We found most Lifebloom plants in the central area of the map around Windsward.

During the open beta, we found this farming route south of Windsward the most efficient, as it is located close to the main quest giver, Yanas, at Fishermen's Bend. Here's the route:

Start with the two or three plants located just south of Fisherman's Bend by Willette's Farmstead. Then head south-east towards Valley View Mirador and work your way through the cliffs and mountains towards Fallswatch Overlook and Buccaneer Falls. There are around 9-10 Lifebloom Plants on this route.

  • You need to be level 30 in Harvesting to collect Life Motes from the Lifebloom Plant.
  • The best method to raise your Harvesting skill is to collect every Herb, Hemp, and Petalcap plant you see while on your travels.

For more information about crafting and refining with Life Motes, check out our complete crafting guide.

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Where To Find Lifemoths In New World

Lifemoths are a rare magical creature spawn that will drop Life Motes when collected. However, these creatures are not a common spawn around the starter towns, with the largest concentration located in the Northern, higher-level parts of the map.

However, we did find some Lifemoths around Everfall and Monarch Bluffs Town. We've marked them on the map below.

  • This is an easier method to get Life Motes because you don't need to have any harvesting level to gather them.
  • However, these are rare and likely to be popular pick-ups for players. They respawn every 25 minutes or so, so they're definitely not common.

Where To Find Alchemy Crates And Life Motes

Another method to find Life Motes is to loot Alchemy Crates and Stockpiles. Again, these are not overly common in any of the starter towns. There are almost none between Windsward and Everfall. In fact, there is only really one place where you can get Alchemy Crates at a low level.

Buccaneer Falls and Buccaneer Creek, popular areas for faction quests in Windsward Town, have one Tier One Alchemy Crate each. Not many, no, but you might get lucky with what they drop. Here's where they're located on the map.

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