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Wyrdwood is high-tier lumber in New World. You need to hit at least level 100 in logging before you can cut down the trees, and the wood is used to craft a variety of different items.

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There are Wyrdwood trees located across Aeternum, although there is one spot in particular that has lots and lots of trees to cut down. Here's the best place to gather lots of Wyrdwood.

Best Place To Gather Wyrdwood In New World

There is one spot on the map that has a higher concentration of Wyrdwood than anywhere else: the Verdant Cavern and Lush Hideaway located in the southeastern corner of Brightwood. Here are the two PoIs marked on the map:

Credit to www.newworld-map.com for this image.

You are sent to these areas during various Brightwood sidequests, mostly to clear out the Angry Earth that reside there or to collect plants and flowers. The mobs here are level 32 and spawn regularly outside of the caves and in the twisting passages inside.

There are lots of Wyrdwood trees located inside the caves and caverns. You don't need to go far to see them. This area is still not too busy -- quite a few players are still running around the low-level zones -- so you can get a lot of Wyrdwood here. It's likely this will become a very popular spot for gathering Wyrdwood later in the game's cycle.

If you do find it hard to get Wyrdwood here, check out this spot in Weaver's Fen:

There are multiple spots of Wyrdwood dotted around the Canopus PoI to the east of Weaver's Fen. This area is inhabited by level 30+ Ancient enemies. It's a decent spot to do a bit of Oil mining and Wyrdwood logging.

What Is Wyrdwood Used For?

Wyrdwood is used to craft a variety of different items including a bunch of high-tier weapons, tools, and arcana. That's items like the crafted Life Staffs and Fire Staffs, unique furniture items to raise your housing score, and upgraded versions of your harvesting tools.

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