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Lodestone is a tier four resource and requires a level of 105 in Mining before you can collect it. It's also arguably one of the more important resources in New World, as its refined form, Lodestone Bricks, are used to craft various Tuning Orbs to access late-game Expeditions.

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Lodestone is mostly found in the Northern areas of the map, around Great Cleave and Mourningdale. This short guide picks out some of the best spots to mine for the stone, as well as what you can do with it once you've gathered it all up.

Updated October 27, 2021, by Harry Alston: We've updated this guide to bring it up-to-date with the full release of New World, including removing some of the unannounced expeditions and some extra locations of where to find Lodestone.

Best Places To Find Lodestone

There are several decent locations to find Lodestone, spread out all over the map. The largest concentrations are found in Great Cleave, Mourningdale, Weaver's Fen, and to the south, in Cutlass Keys. Here are a few of our favorite spots.

Great Cleave - Nullcavity and Catara Falls

Both Nullcavity and Catara Falls, to the north of Great Cleave, have multiple nodes of Lodestone dotted around. Nullcavity spawns Corrupted enemies at around level 50, whereas Catara Falls spawns Ancient enemies at around level 44.


There are a few different spots to mine Lodestone in Mourningdale, but our favorite has to be this short section of road to the west of the region. It's just on the short cliffy area of path west of Menkar and Subra. You can just mine up some Lodestone as you pass through this area. We didn't encounter many other players at this particular spot.

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Everfall - Ginger Hovel

This is an area where you can mine for Lodestone in relative peace, especially if you're at a higher level. The enemies here are all beasts at early level 20, which is much easier to deal with than some of the creatures to the north. The Ginger Hovel is located in the south-eastern section of Everfall, marked below.

Cutlass Keys - Spiti Ruins

Along the cliffy base of the Spiti Ruins, there are several Lodestone nodes spread out over a large area. Although not directly inside an enemy spawn area, there are some higher-level Ancient enemies here (between levels 30-40.) This wasn't a particularly common spot for Lodestone mining during the beta.

What Can You Do With Lodestone?

Lodestone Ore is refined into Lodestone Bricks, which are then used to craft these Tuning orbs for expeditions:

  • Depths Tuning Orb - used to access The Depths Expedition
  • Monoecious Tuning Orb - used to access the Monoecious Cleft located in Edengrove
  • Siren Tuning Orb - used to access the Arena of Siren's Stand

Each of these can require up to and beyond 50 Lodestone Bricks, which means you will have to mine quite a lot of Ore, especially if you're frequently repeating Expeditions to farm for gear. You will also need corrupted silver.

Refining Lodestone into bricks is also a decent way to level up your Stonecutting profession.

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