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Outpost Rush is a large-scale 20 v 20 PvP (with some PvE thrown in) event available to level 60 players in New World. The game will sometimes pop into a 16 v 16, depending on the queue. Outpost Rush balances resource management, objective control, and building up their forts to withstand assaults from the enemy team.

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You can head into this mode on your own or with up to five of your friends. Once you've queued up at a settlement Outpost Rush NPC, you'll get teleported to a different island, called Nauthynos, where the event will then begin. This mode makes up one of the core parts of endgame content in New World.

How Does Outpost Rush Work?

You can only play a round of Outpost Rush at level 60. Just visit a settlement and find the Outpost Rush NPC and queue up. When the queue is full, the mode will start.

  • Each team begins at their home forts.
  • Between the two forts, there are three Outposts that can be captured by either team: Luna, Sol, and Astra.
  • There is a full-on rush as both teams try and capture these Outposts.
  • Holding on to an Outpost will reward points, and killing other players rewards points as well. Whichever team hits 1,000 points first, wins.
  • Rewards for the event come in the form of Outpost Rush cosmetics, and rare items, and armor.

Combat can get real tight around the different Outposts, so it's a good idea to come with a decent PvP build in tow. Here are some of our favorite builds from during the closed beta (we will update with more with the full release.)

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Map Objectives

There are various different Objectives dotted around the map that can be claimed by either team.

  • You could defeat Baroness Hain (basically like Baron from League of Legends) which gives you a buff for health regen and defense. She spawns every 10 minutes.
  • Spend resources to build Turret Emplacements at either home fort and at two of the Outposts. These large defensive structures can be used to shoot approaching enemy players.
  • Players can take on one of the Corrupted Portals, defeat the enemies there, and deposit Azoth Essence (500 is needed) which can then be used to summon a bunch of Corrupted enemies to send at the opposite team. You just need to head to a Summoning Portal and use the Totem.

It's Not Just About PvP

If you're not into PvP, there are other ways you can help your team win a round of Outpost Rush. Each Outpost has a variety of upgradeable features, like Gates and Siege Weapons, which will require resources to build.

The different resources available to collect are:

  • Infused Hide, gathered from Wolf Dens, and by killing the massive Alpha Wolf.
  • Infused Ore, unique ore veins provide resources to upgrade your Outpost, but you will need to defeat the various Corrupted enemies there (and two mini-bosses, Ug and Dug.) If you kill the bosses you'll get a bunch of Azoth to spend.
  • Azoth Essence, one of the most important resources in Outpost Rush, Azoth is dropped during PvE combat. You need it to access the Corrupted Portal we mentioned above.
  • Infused Wood, this special wood is found in Ancient Groves dotted around the map, though they are protected by aggressive woodland creatures.

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Upgrading Your Outpost To Hold Down The Fort

Both teams will try and control the Outposts in order to win the game. Some members of the team should spend time gathering resources to upgrade the defense of the Outposts, particularly the Gate and Protection Wards that provide a constant buff.

  • Gates keep the enemy out and can be upgraded multiple times.
  • The Command Post provides a constant buff of extra armor and damage for players on your team nearby. It can be upgraded a couple of times.
  • Large siege weapons (like massive turrets) can be built on the walls of the Outpost.
  • Protection Wards are the heart of the Outpost, preventing enemy players from claiming the Outpost and providing a respawn point for friendly players.

Other Structures To Work With

At each Outpost, there are two structures - The Armory and Storage Sheds - which can be used by whoever controls the Outpost.

  • Storage Sheds are where your team stores your supply of Azoth. Remember, you drop Azoth when you die, so make sure to keep this stocked up if you're about to go into battle. Your team can access it and use those resources to continue upgrading.
  • The Armory is used to spend Azoth in exchange for a bunch of different items, including potions, summoning totems, and foodstuffs, among other things.

Gameplay Tips

Outpost Rush is arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of New World. Hopefully, it will be supported into the future with new maps and different ways of playing. Here are some tips we picked up during the closed beta.

  • It's all about map control, a bit like you were playing a Moba. In fact, it's a lot like a Moba. Pushing toward the map objectives can make or break the game.
  • Communication between your team is pretty important. Some should split to start farming Azoth, collecting resources, and others should jump right toward the Outposts.
  • A well-balanced team will probably mean victory: tanks, healers, ranged, and various other PvP builds are needed to win.
  • You don't need any specific crafting skills to be able to complete any resource gathering tasks in Outpost Rush, but it will still level up your skills.

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