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New World's endgame content heavily revolves around PvP and destroying Corruption Breaches—portals that flood the surrounding area with Corruption enemies and red fog. If you want to partake in New World's endgame PvE content, you're going to need Corruptions Bane—otherwise known as the Azoth Staff—to destroy these breaches.

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Fortunately, obtaining an Azoth Staff is fairly straightforward. Progressing through the main story will eventually give you access to this powerful tool, although the quest chain does have a few progression blocks you should be aware of. This guide will cover how to obtain the Azoth Staff and how you can upgrade it to destroy higher-level Corruption Breaches.


Before we cover the quests tied to obtaining the Azoth Staff, you'll need to have a few materials prepared. If you don't, you'll hit a roadblock while attempting to earn this weapon, making this quest chain feel much worse. You'll need the following:

  • 5 Silver Ingots
  • 3 Water
  • 3 Petalcap
  • 3 Rivercress Stem
Note: You'll need a Mining skill of 20 and a Harvesting skill of 30 to obtain these resources in the wild. If you don't meet these requirements, consider purchasing these materials from a Trading Post.

The final quest in this quest chain also recommends that you're level 23, although anyone around level 19-20 will do just fine.

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How To Obtain The Azoth Staff

The Azoth Staff is a reward for completing the "Forge Your Azoth Staff" quest, a quest tied to the main story. Obtaining each part of the staff happens much earlier in the main story, hence the prerequisites we mentioned above. There are eight main story missions tied to obtaining the Azoth Staff:

  • The First Component
  • The Living Seed
  • Adiana's Fountain
  • Weakness of the Ego
  • Plains of the Pestilent
  • Nature's Gift
  • Argent and Aether
  • Forge Your Azoth Staff

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As daunting as eight quests might look, half of them are about talking to NPCs at certain parts of the map. Notable quests tied to the Azoth Staff are The First Component, Adiana's Fountain, Weakness of the Ego, and Argent and Ather.

The First Component

  • Location: Traitor's Hold (Monarch's Bluffs)
  • Quest Steps:
    • Delve into Traitor's Hold to get the Haft for your Azoth Staff.

By talking to Yonas Alazar, the fisherman in Windsward, he'll reveal that there's a part of the Azoth Staff you can find at Traitor's Hold, a pirate bay located at the northern corner of Monarch's Bluffs. Enter the cave, then climb up one of the rock walls to find a chest containing the staff piece. Return to the fisherman to finish the quest. He'll guide you to a woman in Everfall that can help you charge the staff with Azoth.

Adiana's Fountain

  • Location: Canary Mine (Everfall)
  • Quest Steps:
    • Destroy 3 Corrupted Tendrils.
    • Destroy 2 Clotting Carapaces.

It seems that Adiana's Azoth Fountain is being blocked by a source of Corruption. She'll ask you to head to the Canary Mine just west of her location to clear it out. You'll need to destroy three Corrupted Tendrils and two Clotting Carapaces. The Tendrils are extremely dangerous if you're underleveled, so consider using a ranged weapon to take them out. Clotting Carapaces are black and red orbs you can find in the middle of the mine. They don't retaliate when hit, although they'll explode when destroyed. Be careful. Return to Adriana when you're done.

Weakness Of The Ego

  • Location: Everfall
  • Quest Steps:
    • Craft 3 Corruption Tinctures
      • Acquire 3 Water
      • Acquire 3 Petalcap
      • Acquire 3 Rivercress Stem

Remember the material prerequisites we mentioned at the start of the guide? You're going to need them for this quest and the next one. Adriana will ask that you create three Corruption Tinctures. These potions can be crafted at any Arcane Repository in a settlement. You'll need three Water, Petalcaps, and Rivercress Stems to make it.

  • Water: Harvest from any body of water
  • Petalcaps: Head to the northern end of First Light and look for a river.
  • Rivercress Stems: Grows near rivers. Common in Everfall and Windsward.

Argent And Ather

  • Location: Amrine Temple (Windsward)
  • Quest Steps:
    • Visit the Amrine Temple.
    • Use 5 Silver Ingots to craft the Azoth Staff Crosspiece.

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You'll need five Silver Ingots to finish this quest. If your mining skill isn't 20+ yet, you can purchase Silver from any settlement's Trading Post. Head to the Amrine Temple at the northeast corner of Windsward. The forge will be guarded by a miniboss named Ezra, The Forgemaster. It's a fairly tough boss if you're under level 20, so consider grouping up with someone to make the fight easier. Once the skeleton boss is slain, interact with the nearby forge to create the staff crosspiece.

Forge Your Azoth Staff

  • Location: Shattered Obelisk (Everfall)
  • Quest Steps:
    • Forge your Azoth Staff.

The Shattered Obelisk is located southeast of Everfall's central settlement. Enter the obelisk from its southern entrance to forge the staff. Talk to the fisherman in Windsward to finish the quest chain. Be sure to equip the Azoth Staff so you can use it.

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How To Upgrade The Azoth Staff

Similar to the rest of your items in New World, the Azoth Staff has various tiers that you can enhance by progressing through the game's main story. Each tier is unlocked through the following quest:

Tier Quest Recommended Level
Tier 1 Forge Your Azoth Staff 23
Tier 2 Covenant Commitment 29
Tier 3 The Alliance 38
Tier 4 Race for the Box 50
Tier 5 The Tempest's Heart 60

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