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Amrine Excavation is the new player's introduction to Expeditions in New World, basically the game's version of Dungeons. The game suggests you should be level 25, so you might want to follow our guide on how to level up fast if you want to get to Expeditions quickly. You'll probably get the quest around level 20 or so.

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This first Expedition is actually part of the main questline, so if you're following it through your time in New World you will eventually come across it. No need to seek it out. The game recommends a group of five players to take it on, but with a decent build, you can manage with fewer. Here's our complete guide to the Amrine Excavation.

Preparing For The Amrine Excavation Expedition

By the time you've reached level 20 or so, you likely already have a build you're comfortable with. It's not recommended to try and solo the Expedition, so a small group of friends or randoms is recommended to tackle it.

If you're struggling to figure out what sort of builds are good for this type of PvE in New World, we have some guides here:

This is still the start of the game, so don't worry if nothing is optimized yet. If you and your group are under-leveled you might struggle, especially with the final boss. More on that in a moment.

Where Is The Entrance To The Amrine Excavation?

You can follow the quest path to the entrance of the Amrine Excavation, but for the sake of being clear, you can find the entrance in the Windsward region. Here's where it is on the map.

Thanks to NewWorldFans for their useful interactive map, you can check it out here.

Important tip: make sure to talk to Barkimedes (that's the dog) outside the entrance to the Expedition! He has a special quest to kill Ravagers inside. Some town missions might also require you to kill monsters from inside the Expedition. Always check your boards, folks.

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There are six main areas in the Amrine Excavation:

  • Excavation
  • Grand Traverse
  • Broken Vestibule
  • Excavated Caverns
  • Star Shrine
  • The Final Boss area (Obelisk Cavern)

Here is our entire walkthrough for the Amrine Excavation, including monster types and hidden treasures to be found along the way.


This is the main entrance into the Expedition. There are several monsters here, (Ravagers, Wraiths) as well as a Star Excavation monster-spawner that must be destroyed, otherwise, it will continue to spawn monsters over and over and over again.

Grand Traverse

The next area is the Grand Traverse, accessed via the large door with an Azoth seal in the starting area. There are more Wraiths and Ravagers here, but more importantly, a hidden treasure! Just as you enter you'll find a waterfall down some steps. Jump in the pool and open the Elite Supply Chest behind the water. Oldest trick in the book.

Excavated Caverns

More monsters here, including a couple of more nests, but the aim here is to complete the translation action on the large stone. This will activate the first of the two pressure plates in the Grand Traverse, which will eventually lead you to the boss area. You just need one of your party members to activate the stone.

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Broken Vestibule

Moving on to the next area, the Broken Vestibule. Be careful! You can fall right off the edge of these broken paths and die instantly, but you will need to use the Azoth Staff on the Ancient Azoth Seal, located in the center of the room. Can't miss it. Once activated, defeat the monsters, and head back to the Grand Traverse.

Grand Traverse (Part 2)

Clear out the various Lost mobs again, the Ravagers, Wraiths, etc. You get the drill. Then you need two party members to stand on the pressure plates, which activates a bridge. Cross the bridge, loot Foreman Nakashima's Tool Box by the big door (you'll need the Hollowed Candle from inside), and then proceed to the next area.

Star Shrine

Boss fight time! This is where you battle with the spectral ghoul of Foreman Nakashima. Place the Hollowed Candle on the Spectral Shine to summon the boss. Here's how to defeat the Foreman.

  • The Foreman has two attack types: an AOE which targets a specific player, and waves of damage (they look like Wraiths) that players must avoid. If you are targeted, do not move out of the AOE circle around you, as you will get stunned. Try your best to dodge and weave around the waves.
  • Positioning is key in this fight, but it's not overly difficult if you all concentrate damage on the Foreman. Just try not to get hit by a combo of both attacks.

​​​​​​Grab the two chests, one in each corner of the room, and don't forget the lore page (yummy experience points for every loot page, don'tchaknow), and head on to the next area.

Obelisk Cavern

This is the final Boss area, where you face off against Simon Grey. A large boss, this is where many inexperienced players will likely falter. Thanks to GhostArrow on YouTube for the screenshot.

  • Grey vomits on you. Yep. This is an AOE poison attack, but it isn't hard to avoid since it's pretty obvious when Grey is about to vomit.
  • Grey's Charge attack is a little more violent and can quickly close the space between himself and a squishy healer on the other side of the arena.
  • A decent tank is pretty much required for this boss fight, as Grey also spawns in several mobs that can be really annoying if you don't have someone with taunt abilities/aggro.
  • Those Lost that Grey spawns will get empowered if they consume the Vomit, and then Grey will eat the workers. It's all sort of disgusting, but you probably do want to keep his Adds under control for the duration of the fight.

Once you've defeated Simon Grey, pick up the Heart Gem and loot up a couple of chests around the arena. Exit via the Portal, and you'll be dumped somewhere nearby.

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