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The Starstone Barrows is the second Expedition in New World. You will head here at around level 35 and it is located in Everfall, at the Shattered Obelisk. It's recommended you head here at 35, although by this point there will likely be higher-level players repeating the Expedition for loot that can help you through at a lower level.

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You will need the Starstone Barrows Tuning Orb to access this dungeon. There are also some extra quests you can pick up to earn extra EXP. Here's how to access the Expedition, what sort of preparations you need to make, and how to complete it.

How To Access The Starstone Barrows

Remember the guy in the Everfall tavern that gives you the quests for the Amrine Expedition? The extremely memorable William Heron. He'll give you the required Side Quests to access the Starstone Barrows, too, as well as a Tuning Orb that lets you access the Expedition. You need to be level 33 at least.

Before you go in make sure to pick up these other quests:

  • Barkimedes! The dog outside the Amrine Expedition also gives you a quest to collect bones in the Starstone Barrows. Just make sure to pick up the bones from the various mini-bosses in the dungeon.
  • Reaper's Locus, a quest from Herbalist Lau in Brightwood. A level 33 quest you get after "Lost and Returned." You will need to collect the Reaper's Locus from the dungeon. You actually get a free Starstone Tuning Orb when you start this quest.

Struggling with how to access the Azoth Staff or Tuning Orbs? Here are our guides.

Preparation For The Starstone Barrows

Here's what you should have before you get into New World's second expedition:

  • Level 33+, ideally 35.
  • A distinct playstyle and build. You can go for Healer, Tank, or DPS. Healers and Tanks are rarer on the ground than DPS, so keep that in mind if you want a guaranteed party to roll with. You will probably already have a decent idea of what your build is before you hit this dungeon. Here are some builds -- Tank builds, Healer builds, PvP builds (can act as DPS in a dungeon.)
  • A party of 5. No voice comms are really needed for Dungeons in New World, although Starstone is a bit more complicated than Amrine. You need at least one Tank and at least one Healer.
  • Potions and food. Mana for mages, HP for tanks, Food for constant regen of mana, and HP.
  • Plenty of inventory space. There's loads of loot coming your way.

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Starstone Barrows Walkthrough

The Starstone Barrows is a bit more complicated than the Amrine temple. There are lasers that instantly kill you, and there's even a bit of parkour involved. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough.

Ancient Hall

Simple stuff. Linear hallways. Mobs to kill. Bunch of Ancient enemies, some Tanky shieldbearers, and some weaker javelin enemies. Should be relatively easy for a balanced team to clear this part of the dungeon without much trouble. The final elite mob, Centimas, spawns at level 36 with a random buff, like a Frost Aura. More tricky this bit, especially for lower-level parties. Focus down the javelin adds, then get your tank on Centimas.

Sealed Chamber

Lasers! Crawl under them to get access to the Iron ore vein in there. Don't touch them. They will kill you instantly. Head through to the respawn room after tackling a couple more enemies and loot the first Supply Chest of the dungeon. There are a couple more baddies and some moving lasers, then onto the next area.

The Forbidden Passage

This is where things get a little more complicated. The Forbidden Passage is FULL of lasers. Don't touch any of them. You need to find a safe path through. There are two: one down the ramp to the right that requires a bit of laser dodging here and there (you can tell you're going the right way because there's an Iron vein) or to the left, down past the center and across a small jump.

On the other side, once you've navigated through the laser maze, you'll see a ledge. Hop over and then up the wooden ramp. You'll find the pool of Azoth that will grant you an Orb of Protection. You can walk through the lasers with its help. Only one player can pick it up at a time.

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The Amphitheatre

Simple area with mobs, you just need to make sure that you're defeating two of the named Elites: Ioane and Erine. REMEMBER: collect the bones for the Barkimedes quest if you picked it up before the Expedition!

Shattered Obelisk

Another relatively simple area. However, there are a large group of mobs here, including a strong Mage with ranged damage. Pull them in two separate groups if you are worried about being able to handle them all together. Follow the set path (not the lasers) and head towards the next respawn checkpoint.

Hall Of The Crypt

Two Elites here, Limos with a Javelin and Erebas. Defeat Erebas first. He does more damage and summons a bunch of minions that can get a bit overwhelming. Grab the Arcane Protection and head on to the first boss area.

Boss Fight - Alectos The Relentless

The first of the two boss encounters in the Starstone Barrows, here's a quick guide for Alectos.

  • Alectos summons minions and fires out Arcane Orbs but is fairly simple to defeat.
  • The boss can be staggered. Any sort of knockdown, like the War Hammer or Spear, will impact the boss.
  • Have someone kiting the adds and this fight is pretty simple if you have the right builds.

Getting The Blessed Obelisk Key

Head back to the area that was previously blocked by two laser beams on either side. Walk through with the Protection, defeat the Ancients (lead by a big Reaver elite), and open the Obelisk chest for the Obelisk key.

Head back through the beam and up the steps towards the Obelisk. This is where the left path was blocked, but you can now access it. Inspect the tower. Go back to the area where you fought Alectos, get the Blessed Key by placing it on the shrine, then head back to the large locked door you saw earlier.

Final Boss Fight - Greundgul the Regent

Greundgul is much more challenging than pretty much every other part of the Starstone Barrows. She has two phases: one with loads of adds being spawned via some Bones, and another when she starts leaping around all over the place with an almost unblockable attack.

  • DESTROY THE BONES. This is important. The adds do not stop spawning until you destroy the bones. Make them a priority.
  • Greundgul will enter a second phase after you chunk down her health bar for the first time. She leaps and ground slams, sending out waves of damage. This is almost impossible to dodge. You need to time it just right.
  • This second phase is quite difficult. The boss is difficult to taunt, you need to dodge the damage waves, and you need to destroy the bones when they spawn.

Don't forget to pick your loot up on the way out.

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