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The Depths is the first challenging PvE Expedition in New World. You get the quest for this dungeon at level 40, but it shouldn't really be attempted at that level unless you're going in with some higher-level friends.

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There are two available quests you should pick up before heading into the Dungeon with your key: Archdecon Azamela and Meat for Nekumanesh. Once inside you'll need to defeat both Archdecon Azamela and Commander Thorpe, the hardest bosses you've had to face yet. Here's our comprehensive guide to the Depths.

How To Prepare For The Depths

The Depths is a challenging Dungeon. Its two bosses are the trickiest you'll have come across so far in the game. Here's how to prepare for the Expedition.


  • A Tank and a Healer. You see the chat spamming LFG Healer/Tank? Well, it's because you need at least one of either role.
  • A Ranged weapon loadout is a great idea in the Depths. We'll get into why in just a moment.
  • The ideal loadout would be: One Tank, One Healer, Three DPS (with one ranged build.)

Check out our support healer build guides here and our tank build guides here.


We recommend waiting until at least level 43 before attempting the dungeon for the first time. The actual recommended level is 45, but there should be some higher-level players who can balance out your weakness. You can complete it earlier, but you'll miss out on important quests with decent rewards and experience.

  • Meat For Nekumanesh - Like Barkimedes, Nekumanesh is an NPC (a tiny alligator) that will give you an award for collecting bones from inside the Depths. Only available from level 43. You can find him near the pool at the entrance of the Expedition.
  • Archdecon Azamela - A quest you will pick up via side quests. You'll be sent to kill the first boss of the Expedition, Archdecon Azamela.

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The Depths Walkthrough

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of the Depths expedition. Skip down to the bottom of the guide for information on how to defeat the two bosses.

First Zone: Corrupted Retreat

  • Find the Azoth Seal locking the Ancient Mechana

The starting zone of the Depths is pretty straightforward. Not too many difficult enemies to worry about. Remember the reliable method of killing Ranged units first, then melee, then the tankier units, and you will be able to clear these rooms easily.

Get two players standing on the large platforms to open the door, clear the mobs, then get three of you to use your Azoth staff to unlock the central pillar. Simple.

  • Fight through Commander Thorpe's Defenses (first Elite mob, Benat)

The second part of this zone has you fight more adds and your first Elite, Benat. This guy is a large, spear-wielding Elite that will charge the tank (high threat targeting.) Not too difficult to kill if your tank is reliable.

Second Zone: Nadir Bridge

  • Restore the Ancient Bridge

Follow the path until you get to the closed door. Open it with an Azoth staff. Go through, get the checkpoint, up the stairs, and fight your second Elite, Boor. Not too hard, again, just watch out for the attack that pulls you toward him.

See the bridge? Alright. Head to the right. Kill the Tendril, stand on the pressure plate. Check all the rooms that open up (chests, Lifejewel, mobs) and then continue on until you see another Tendril. Kill it, then hop on the Teleporter.

Third Zone: The Core

Welcome to The Core. You can go either left or right here. You're just trying to fight to the other side. Once you get to the second portal, jump through and enter the "Ring of Rot."

You'll see a circle on the floor and some glowing tablets. Stand in the center of the ring and it will turn like a clock. Each time the bars hit another tablet, monsters spawn. They're mostly ranged. Keep one player in the center and the ring will keep spinning.

Open up the door once all the tablets are lit up. You're back at Nadir Bridge. Defeat the Elite Tendril, Lasherr, and unlock the Seal at the end of the path. There is an (optional) Elite fight here with Despar. Worth doing for the Lifejewel and Supply Stockpile.

Head over the bridge and prepare for your fight with Archdecon Azamela.

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Archdecon Azamela Boss Guide

Short overview:

  • Make sure to keep the Hounds that Azamela spawns from knocking your Healer. They have a tendency to go for the squishy target. Have one DPS just keep an eye on your Healer.
  • At around 50 per cent health, Azamela will go invulnerable and start spawning mines.

First Phase

During the first phase, send two players to one of the platforms (there will only be one activated), preferably double DPS. Keep the others in the middle to destroy the mines.

The fight will continue as before.

Second Phase

Before defeating Azamela, he will trigger another Monolith, this time on both sides. Send two players to both sides of the arena. Keep the Healer in the center (preferably with a ranged weapon.)

  • Players have seen success with a Solo push on one side (something with high damage, like a Hatchet Berserker Ulti push) and keep two in the center.
  • It really depends on your set-up, and you might wipe once or twice trying to figure out the best way to play it.
  • Start with two on either side during the second phase and try to kill the mobs as quickly as possible.
  • A healer with some kind of ranged support is great.

Make sure to loot the two chests after defeating Azamela. You need "Thorpe's Key" to access the next part of the quest.

Upon exiting you'll return to The Core. Fight your way through the enemies until you get to the Corrupted Shrine. Place Thorpe's Key here and enter the central portal.

Defeat the named Elite bear, Archibald (not too difficult, honestly, especially with a tank capable of holding taunt.) Then prepare for the second boss fight: Captain Thorpe himself.

Captain Thorpe Boss Guide

Well, this is the second time you're meeting Captain Thorpe, and let's just say that this fight is a lot harder than the first.

Here's an overview:

  • DON'T GET HIT BY THE LASER BEAM. You're dead. Instantly.
  • Also, don't get hit by the Charge attack. You can see Thorpe start to line up a charge. If you get knocked down by this the follow-up attack will also just kill you instantly.
  • All other attacks (flames, somersault, etc) are easy to read and hopefully easy to dodge.
  • Watch out for the adds Thorpe spawns. More on that below.

Phase One

Simple, straightforward fight. Easy to read combos from Thorpe here. With a bit of aggro from your tank, you can get through this bit easily.

Phase Two

Things get real tough here. More attacks, more danger. Before each of the different attacks, Thorpe will make a callout.

  • Shoulder Charge - "Ha! Pathetic!", please watch out for this one. Get out of the way if you hear him say this.
  • Corrupted Blast - "Time To Taste Corrupted Steel", get out of the way.
  • Fire Storm - "I Will Crush You Beneath My Heel, Ant!", you can avoid damage by standing in the center of the storm. Don't touch the fire ring.
  • Corrupted Beam - "Prepare To Have Your Soul Crushed." Don't get hit by the beam. We've already said this, but really, just don't.
  • Summon Behemoths - "This will be the last time we meet." Put down your AoE in the center of the arena and kill the adds asap.

You will likely go through two or three waves of Behemoths before the fight is over.

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