New World experienced something last weekend that it hasn’t had to deal with in some time: login queues. This, combined with the expected influx of new and returning players with the coming release of the Brimstone Sands update, has led Amazon Games to expand New World’s server capacity.

"Due to increasing live server populations, and in anticipation of our Brimstone Sands release," wrote Amazon in yesterday’s update, "we are preparing to open additional worlds to accommodate the influx of new and returning players."

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The new servers will be located in New World's most congested regions, those being Central Europe, South America, and US East (which you might recall as the regions worst hit when New World experienced its explosive release last year). These regions will feature pristine, totally new territory without any existing ownership. Players can transfer existing characters to the new servers or create new characters, but Amazon isn’t offering free transfers. Players must use a server transfer token, and all other transfer rules still apply. Each new server will be able to support 2,200 concurrent players.

"We highly recommend discussing with any of your friends or company mates to determine whether or not you’d like to take advantage of these new servers or hold dominion on your current world," Amazon added.

New World is reportedly "in a much, much better place than it was a year ago," according to our very own Harry Alston. New endgame Expeditions, a new PvP rewards track, and various QOL fixes have improved the New World experience significantly since its launch last year, which was marred by technical and balance issues as well as a lack of content.

Amazon has been steadily iterating on its MMO since then and will soon celebrate the release of Brimstone Sands, an update that will add a brand-new region, new enemies, a new Expedition, and a new Greatsword weapon. The new player experience will also be completely overhauled to be smoother, with more varied starting quests and a better story flow.

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