Overwatch 2's launch has been a bit of a mess. Controversy has followed almost every decision the sequel takes, such as character redesigns, changes to the lore, and revamped microtransactions. And that's if you can even get into the game with its long queue times. But perhaps the biggest problem facing Overwatch 2 players is the performance issues, particularly with characters not working as intended.

Mei seems to be bearing the brunt of this. Not only has she had her ability to freeze enemies outside of her alt removed, she can't even get her ice wall to work as intended. As spotted by players messing around with her moveset, Mei's wall isn't giving them the boost it used to. Now, if you try to jump off the wall, the game sends you crashing into the ground. This gets rid of a huge reason someone would deploy an ice wall, and it's not clear when the bug will be fixed.

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A clip of Mei's ice wall not allowing players to jump to higher ground was shared on the Overwatch subreddit by user IntelligentImbicle. Here, not being able to leap from the wall causes Mei to fall off the edge to hear death - something that would be pretty irritating in an actual match.

In the comments, others share the problems they have encountered while playing as Mei. Another one related to her wall is that shots won't line up if you're standing on top of it. This means you can't strategically place yourself on a higher platform to take enemies out safely. If you're experiencing these problems, that means the only real use for the wall right now is to block attacks from the enemy. Unless that's messing up too.

It's likely this will be fixed in an update, although Blizzard certainly has its work cut out for it. It's also possible that the infamous queuing issues will take priority over this, so it's not clear when Mei will work as intended once more.

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