Final Fantasy 14 devs and players may be a bit worried right now, considering that the game recently experienced "an attack by a third party". Hackers were trying to gain access to Square Enix's account management servers via personal information from other sites, meaning those using the same email and password for multiple accounts were at risk. You should be fine if you've changed your password though, and can look forward to some big announcements at FanFest, according to director Naoki Yoshida.

In an interview with Famitsu, Yoshida mentioned that FF14 players can expect some "substantial" surprises and reveals. "It wouldn't be right to hold a FanFest without something substantial, so we plan to make this event one that's filled with surprises and fun waiting for you, so we hope that you look forward to it," he said, when asked if fans should raise their expectations (translated by aitaikimochi).

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Yoshida also mentioned that unlike Endwalker, which saw a huge delay due to the pandemic, the wait between patches won't be too long. "We did mention before that we now require about four months between major updates, and we have taken the time interval into account when announcing the schedule for the Fan Festival," he continued. "We hope our schedule will not deviate too much from what you expect and that there won't be too long of a wait [between patches]. After we announced the Fan Festival dates, I'm sure many people thought "ah, so something [7.0] will be released perhaps around this timeframe".

As pointed out by aitaikimochi, based on previous release schedules, and Yoshida saying that they require at least a four-month interval, 7.0 could launch around April 2024. All of this is considering the Fan Fest dates in Japan – sometime early in 2024.

Final Fantasy will be joining the likes of Assassin's Creed and Post Malone in a crossover with Magic: The Gathering, as part of its Universes Beyond initiative. It isn't clear whether those products will be Secret Lairs, Commander sets, or even full-on expansions. All we know as of now is that we'll see this crossover in 2024.

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