If you've never heard of Nailed It, do yourselves a favor and fire up an episode on Netflix as soon as you're done reading this. Make sure it's the episode in which the show's contestants are tasked with recreating Tub Geralt in cake form. Not only does it combine the two best things in the world, video games and cake, but the finished articles are a sight to behold.

Before moving forward into a story that will openly mock strangers' cake-making abilities, that is the entire point of the show. As highlighted by PC Gamer, the point of Nailed It is that its contestants are regular people attempting to perform the job of a professional baker. Usually in a very short amount of time just in case baking a cake in a TV studio for the biggest streaming platform on the planet isn't stressful enough.

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On a recent episode of Nailed It, contestants were given an hour to make a Tub Geralt cake. For those unfamiliar with the scene, it is lifted from The Witcher 3 and, as the name bestowed upon it suggests, it features Geralt soaking in the bath. Give a pro 60 minutes to turn that scene into a cake and they'll struggle. Ask amateurs to do the same and, well, you can see the results for yourselves below.

The efforts from the Nailed It contestants are terrible, as they should be, and a little bizarre. One cake, the Geralt from which has lost the majority of his flowing silver hair, seems to have eyeballs floating around everyone's favorite Witcher. Geralt is recognizable in the cake below, but for some reason, he is sharing his bathwater with a serpent. At least we hope that's a serpent. Plus, neither cake includes Geralt's feet, so what's even the point?

Hopefully the cakes tasted better than they looked, and perhaps you can have a crack at making a Tub Geralt cake for yourself next time you enjoy some Witcher-based leisure time. There's going to be a lot of it in the coming years. Season three of the Netflix adaptation arrives next summer, and CD Projekt recently revealed it is working on an all-new Witcher trilogy.

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