Overwatch 2's launch has been wildly popular, meaning there are incredibly long queue times, but that has been worsened even further by both a "mass DDoS attack" and a few bugs.

"Some players who merged their PC and console accounts are seeing an 'Unexpected Server Erorr'" community manager Jodie wrote in a thread on the forums titled, "Overwatch 2 Known Isssues". In the comments, plenty corroborated this bug while also reporting others not listed.

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For some, getting through the queue isn't enough. There's a bug where some players are getting stuck at "0 Players Ahead Of You", not able to progress beyond the queue screen into the lobby. Some report fixing this by simply refreshing the game, but others have been getting it on loop.

Another more severe bug that some are reporting is that their PC crashes completely on the queue. One user even claimed to have gotten a blue screen. For context, a blue screen pops up on Windows when you hit a critical error that shuts down the operating system, forcing a restart. It's speculated that this is being caused by intense CPU usage, with one player claiming that theirs reached as high as 90 percent on the login menu alone.

The most common problem appears to be account merging, which is part of the new cross-platform progression that Overwatch 2 implemented. You can merge cosmetics, stats, level, and more between your accounts, connecting your Battle.net profile to Xbox and PlayStation. This has caused some other noteworthy issues such as skins and currency going missing, but it might also prevent you from playing entirely right now. It has yet to be fixed, though general patches are already being rolled out.

Blizzard president Mike Ybarra also said that serverss were struggling due to a DDoS attack last night that the team has been "working hard to mitigate/manage" them, so if you were experiencing any login issues or random disconnects yesterday, it might be tied to this attack and not necessarily one of the reported bugs.

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