Players are now able to boot up a copy of Doom inside none other than Notepad. Yes, you read that right. The program used to create and edit plain text documents. According to the person behind this little feat of engineering, players can even enjoy the game at a silky smooth 60 frames per second.

Notepad first came out in 1983 to promote the use of a mouse with the Microsoft Disk Operating System, also known as MSDOS. The program has been a part of each and every version of Windows ever since.

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“I got Doom running inside Notepad at 60 FPS,” the programmer going by the name of SamNChiet exclaimed on Twitter. SamNChiet posted a short gameplay video, describing later in response to skeptics how “the footage is not sped up, I have not modified the code of Notepad at all, this is fully playable interactive live, zero fakery. This is exactly what it looks like.”

SamNChiet has not provided any details about how precisely the program runs, but promised to release a playable copy of the game. “Finally, I created the ideal way to play,” SamNChiet says in the video. “You’re welcome. I’ll post later if and when I make it available for download.”

This of course comes in the wake of a plethora of strange news about Doom. The person behind the game, John Romero, recently explained how Doom in fact does not take place on March 15, 2022 as many fans previously believed based on a paper manual. Modders have also managed to get the game running on pretty much every platform under the sun including calculators, pregnancy tests, tractors, and even a rotary phone.

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