The Super Mario Bros. Movie got its first official trailer last week and it's all any of us have been able to talk about since, right? Whether it's bemoaning Chris Pratt's Mario, celebrating Jack Black's Bowser, or turning one of the scenes from the trailer into a Nintendo 64 demake, the world has been mildly obsessed with the first look at the movie these past few days.

Wait, what was that last one? That's right, someone has taken a part of the trailer Nintendo and Illumination debuted last week and reimagined it with N64 graphics. Created by Coda, the scene in question is one near the start of the trailer where Bowser arrives at an ice castle and confronts its penguin inhabitants. The King of the Koopas easily endures their snowball barrage and proceeds to melt their ice castle with his firey breath.

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The part of that confrontation that has been recreated using N64 models comes between those two attacks. The penguin king lets Bowser know the snowball attack is but a taste of their fury and questions whether the iconic villain yields. He does not, and in this version of the trailer, Bowser throws the penguin off a cliff. An ode to what players could make Mario do to the poor baby penguin in Super Mario 64.

The demade trailer goes beyond simply making the scene look like it takes place on an N64 rather than the big screen. The voices of Bowser and the penguin have also been replaced with the noises from Super Mario 64, as has the animation when the penguin loses its battle. Bowser's head transitioning to a black screen coupled with his menacing laugh brings the short demake to a close.

The other part of the Mario Movie fans have been frantically remaking is the plumber's flat ass. Even before the trailer debuted, Mario fans were horrified at the protagonist's lack of junk in the poster revealed at the start of last week. Dedicated fans have already been busy fixing that. As for the voice, check out the trailer in various other languages, it'll make you feel better.

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