Bastion has been removed from all modes in Overwatch 2 following reports of an ultimate ability exploit that lets you spam as many artillery strikes as possible so long as you click within the time window. You're only meant to fire three shots total anywhere across the map within eight seconds, but this bug means that you can fire as many as you want within those eight seconds.

Blizzard was quick to acknowledge the bug and pull Bastion from the game temporarily, meaning that he is not playable in any mode right now. You can't even see him in the Hero Gallery.

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Bastion isn't the only one that's been removed, either. Torbjörn has been disabled in all modes except Quick Play because of an exploit that makes his Overload ability last twice as long. The two are "taking a quick trip to the workshop while [Blizzard] iron out a few bugs in their ability kits".

If you've yet to play the revamped Overwatch 2 and are confused by Bastion's artillery cannon, it's the new ultimate ability, replacing his original chain-gun turret. Now he can fire shells across the map to bombard enemies, turning him from a mobile tank and robotic gunslinger into a stationary artillery canon. If you want to see it in action, you'll have to wait for his return.

It's not the only bug reported, though the others aren't exploitable hero abilities. If you're playing on Xbox, you'll get booted out of games when you get an achievement, while players report that hitboxes are a little too generous. Getting headshots is much easier this time around. All in all, these bugs have dropped Overwatch 2's user score on Metacritic to 1.4.

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