At the end of September, The Elder Scrolls Online announced it would be giving Firesong away for free if enough players earned the High Isle Pathfinder achievement. Jump ahead just over a week and the community has done it, meaning that High Isle owners will get the newest DLC and finale of the Legacy of the Bretons storyline for free.

As of 4 pm, the progress bar ticked up to 100 percent, meaning that the ESO community has earned all three rewards. Firstly, Oak's Promise Markings were handed out at 33 percent, followed by the Plant Yourself emote at 66 percent. And at 100 percent, we have the Firesong DLC as well as an Ascendant Hoard Box and, for ESO Plus subscribers, the Appleback Salamander pet.

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But it doesn't stop there. As a bonus, ESO has unveiled a new progress bar which you can fill by shutting down High Isle's volcanic vents, its answer to the base games' Dark Anchors. For every 25 percent the bear fills, the Explorer's Celebration will run for two days, starting when Heroes of High Isle ends. In the past, this event has given double drops from harvest nodes, double XP, and double gold from monster kills, quests rewards, and more.

Firesong DLC rolls out on November 1 for PC, concluding the Legacy of the Breton storyline. You're tasked with protecting the island of Galen from the Firesong Circle and a slew of Sea Elf raids, hence the chapter's name. It's much like previous mini DLCs such as Markarth, South Elsweyr, and the Clockwork City.

It's not a fully-fledged expansion but it does add a new zone and questline, as well as several skyshards, delves, side quests, and more. And the final quest will culminate in us taking on the Ascendant Lord at long last.

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