MultiVersus just dropped a new '80s-themed teaser for Stripe, the upcoming Gremlins character joining the roster next week.

The teaser was even dropped after midnight and if you know anything about Gremlins, you know that feeding them after the clock strikes 12 goes against the number one rule. I wonder if the same goes for MultiVersus fans. Either way, they're eating good.

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Stripe is Gremlins' first or second villain, depending on where Harley Quinn's allegiances lie. He's also the second Gremlins character, joining after Gizmo's debut. And if you don't remember Stripe - or haven't seen Gremlins - he's the antagonist in the first film, leading the other Mogwai. He wields everything from a circular saw to a handgun and returns in the sequel as the reincarnated Mohawk, so there's plenty of potential for movesets and skins.

Stripe was first revealed alongside Black Adam early in August when the startup screen for season one leaked, and in that time, both Gizmo and Rick Sanchez have been added. We're still waiting on news for when Black Adam will make his debut, but to hazard a guess, his arrival will likely coincide with his film around October 21.

Stripe sparked some debate when Gizmo was announced as dataminers and leakers claimed that the two would fight side-by-side and be part of one character, not unlike Tom & Jerry, but director Tony Huynh was quick to dismiss these worries, confirming that the two Gremlins are in-fact separate. That means we can re-enact the famous Gremlins fistfight in the Batcave once and for all.

While Stripe is perfect for the Halloween season, MultiVersus also seems to be teasing an event for Reindog, though it's unclear what the event will include - maybe we'll get some spooky Reindog skins, or maybe it'll be completely separate from the festivities.

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