Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is upping the ante on what you can do in your free time with your 'mons between battles. Scarlet & Violet will let you design sandwiches yourself, shower with your 'mons, and even take photos.

The trailer opens with a new hair styling option that lets you change your hair colour and appearance. It's what you expect from a hairdresser, really, but you can also alter your looks to change your eyes, lashes, and more, personalising your character in detail like never before. And when you're done, you can take selfies with your 'mons for a new profile pic.

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Then there are picnics. These aren't just little camping spots to have a little bite at, you can also clean up your 'mons after they get dirtied in battle here. You'll be able to scrub them with sheep soap and wash them down with a shower head. Or if getting soapy with Tsareena isn't your style, you can play with them instead.

We see the trainer in the video above hoy a ball into the grass for their 'mons to play with, all by the picnic table. It's a little family day out with the pets.

But the feature is called 'picnic', so it only makes sense that you can actually sit down and have a picnic. Where Sword & Shield had you gather up materials to make food in a menu, filling out a curry 'dex, Scarlet & Violet has you put the sandwiches together in real-time. You start with the bread, then get a selection of trays to pull toppings out of.

In the trailer, the trainer puts some lettuce on, then ham, tomato, and cherry tomatoes, finally ending it with a bit of cucumber and the top slice of bread. To keep it together, they stick in a pick with an eevee head on top. Afterwards, you get to see your sandwich laid out on the table with all your condiments.

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