For quite a while, a campaign had been ongoing to get popular Magic: The Gathering YouTuber MaxMakesMagic his very own preview card for Unfinity. The campaign was successful in the end, but Max himself decided to get involved, asking his community ways in which he could possibly preview a card. Since Unfinity is space-themed, Max took a suggestion from his friend and has sent a booster pack of Unfinity cards to the edge of space.

In order to get the pack to the edge of space, Max strapped the cards to a balloon and aimed to have it reach a height of 35,000 metres. Max details all of the gadgets and gizmos required to get the pack into space in his most recent YouTube video about the whole experience. In the video, Max lets the balloon with the cards attached loose and the flight of the balloon is recorded via a camera for you to watch. There's something strangely soothing about the entire flight as well.

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At just under 36,000 metres, the balloon pops and the cards are sent hurtling back down to Earth at almost 100 miles per hour. The pack ended up landing in Cromer, Stevenage and against all the odds, Max was able to actually retrieve the payload with the cards still in tact. So, if you ever bump into Max and decide to play a round of Magic with him, just be aware he may be using cards that were briefly in space.

Funnily enough, this booster pack of Unfinity cards wasn't the only strange thing to be sent to space this week. A Chilean chicken brand called Super Pollo teamed up with some Amoung Us Twitch streamers to send a pretty sus chicken nugget into space as well. It's the Magic cards that won the rivalry though, as the Among Us chicken nugget only managed to reach 32,000 metres. The streamers didn't end up finding the nugget either, emaning there's a very valuable piece of chicken out there somewhere that been on one hell of a journey.

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